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By Nancy Jeffries, Online Editor | May 6, 2013

Harness the power of peptides and plants.

Peptides and plant stem cells are the watchwords in skin care these days. These ingredients, which enhance the formulations of a new line of skin care and bath and body products, form the basis of b-leve, an approach to beauty that, according to the Skokie, IL-based manufacturer, offers consumers “beauty to b-leve in.” Grape stem cells, white tea extract, sunflower oil, cactus, and kelp extract figure prominently in the new launch. Increasingly, these components are finding their way into innovative cleansers, lotions, creams, and serums touted to revitalize and repair the skin. The collection, which claims high efficacy without breaking the bank, offers a complete range of skincare, body care, hair care, and beauty tools.

Offering a cornucopia of advanced plant stem cell science, kine chemistry, and natural extracts and oils, the b-leve line, says Tony Harrington, director, business management, b-leve, is a one-stop concept for beauty, in an affordable, R&D- and aesthetician-supported package.

Facial Skin Care Collection
b-leve Facial Care products are formulated with proprietary grape stem cell technology, to offer immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits, according to the company. The collection consists of b-luminous facial cleanser, a surfactant-free cleanser designe
d to leave skin fresh and moisturized ($6.99); b-vibrant rejuvenating day lotion SPF 15, a lightweight day moisturizer to firm the skin and enhance skin tone while protecting against UV damage ($18.99); b-youthful face & eye serum, for antioxidant and anti-aging benefits ($19.99); b-awakened rejuvenating eye cream, an ultra-hydrating formula designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes ($18.99); and b-restful rejuvenating night cream, for intense moisturization, to firm, repair, and protect the skin while sleeping ($18.99).

Tony Harrington, director, busines management, b-leve, discusses fruit cell benefits for the skin.
The fruit stem cells, say Harrington, are designed to support our own stem cells, and are based on a technology that originated in Switzerland. They trap free radicals in the skin and help to revitalize the skin cells that have been damaged by UV-ray induced stresses, to leave the skin balanced, even, and radiant. The skin care line also utilizes kine chemistry, which enhances the anti-aging properties of the line. According to Derek Sanderson, director of R&D, Apollo Health and Beauty Care, “The Kine Chemistry we have incorporated into the b-leve line is a palmitoyl peptide. Its purpose is to increase the synthesis of matrix molecules including HSP47, collagen I, collagen III, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid, to boost the luminotherapy effect of collagen on aged skin, and to enhance the synthesis of collagen IV and laminins, important molecules at the dermal-epidermal junction.”

According to Sanderson, these ingredients benefit the skin by reducing the volume of main wrinkles, decreasing visible cutaneous roughness, and shrinking the maximum depth of wrinkles in both the forehead and crow’s feet areas.

“This is a significant improvement over existing technology where most anti-aging molecules function only on the wrinkles around the crow’s feet area,” he added.
Hair Care Collection
Harrington notes that the naming tradition goes throughout the collection, making each product’s function instantly understood by consumers. In the hair care collection, for example, b-leve shampoos and conditioners are formulated using cationic chemistries that target specific hair care needs with high performance products. B-colorful contains sunflower extract and white tea for enhancing color and to help protect against fade and damage. B-hydrated contains cactus, kelp extract, and white tea for moisturizing, damage repair, shine and manageability. B-voluptuous contains olive extract and white tea for enhanced volume and thicker, fuller hair. Each retails for $5.99
Bath and Body Range
The bath and body range utilizes moisturizing beads and a proprietary formula based on oleosome technology, which leverages the actives found in tiny micro-seeds within oil bearing plant seeds. B-leve Body Care uses a proprietary moisturization technology called Oleofirm, to provide moisturizing benefits that leave the skin soft, smooth, and nourished.
A range of body washes, lotions, and scrubs are claimed to offer an invigorating experience via Oleofirm technology. Each body wash contains goji berry extracts to provide antioxidant moisturization, and contains the oleosomes, which burst upon contact with the skin. B-leve’s encapsulated bead technology is said to deliver skin benefits, as well as three spa-inspired fragrances, including b-tranquil, to restore skin’s moisture and balance; b-refreshed, for fortifying, antioxidant moisturization; and b-passionate, a delicate, floral scent, with an energizing lather. Each retails for $5.99. All the body washes are non-irritating, paraben- and formaldehyde-free, and contain no animal products.

The b-leve facial skin care line.
The body lotions, which also feature Oleofirm technology and are available in b-tranquil, b-refreshed, and b-passionate scents as well, utilize the same encapsulated technology featured in the range of body washes, with each designed to provide fortifying, antioxidant hydration. Each retails for $5.99.
A full line of beauty tools completes the product assortment, with professional grade tools, including b-precise slant tip tweezers ($5.99), b-complete 4-piece brow rescue kit for shaping and grooming brows ($10.99), b-rejuvenated facial pads with bamboo and loofahto exfoliate dull skin ($3.49), b-captivating eyelash curler, for a natural curve ($5.99), and b-calm stress relief neck wrap, which features a removable insert containing grape seed and an aromatherapy blend of lavender and chamomile ($8.99). Sponges, blush brushes, lash groomers and compact puffs complete the collection.

According to Harrington, the line is available at a wide range of grocery stores, including King Kullen, Stater Bros., Giant Eagle and Piggly Wiggly, as well as online at

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