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ELF Skin Debuts Campaign Promoting Bronzing Drops

Starring Jameela Jamil, ‘Peculiar Behavior’ highlights the ELF community’s most requested product available in three shades.

With the arrival of ELF Skin’s Bronzing Drops – a tinted serum that gives skin a sun-kissed glow — the brand has released a new campaign.

“Peculiar Behavior,” starring actress Jameela Jamil, humorously depicts the ELF community’s real-life passion at the release of new products. The spot kicks off with a two-minute, tongue-in-cheek mockumentary. Jamil is a bespectacled, binocular-bearing observer who goes out in the “field” to report on how homo sapiens are responding to the product in their natural habitats.

“Bronzing Drops are the No. 1 product our community has requested from us with increasing intensity. In the spirit of surprising, delighting and entertaining our audiences – with that unexpected ELF twist – we let our imaginations go wild,” said Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer, ELF Beauty. “Our community is clever, hilarious and unabashedly expressive. They essentially write the script for us.”

ELF Skin Bronzing Drops are an antioxidant-rich tinted serum that gives a warm, back-from-vacay glow, per marketers. Fair Trade Certified and available in three shades, ELF Skin Bronzing Drops moisturizes with Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil and can be used on the face and body for an all-over radiance.

Going Wild for Bronzing Drops

Jamil’s explorer takes an expedition that includes a suburban bedroom where a teen is seen swiping the coveted serum from her sister’s room; a crowded airport where the travelers wearing the Bronzing Drops look fresh and glow-y while their fellow travelers appear exhausted; and a home office where a work-from-home professional relies on her Bronzing Drops to keep the secret that she hasn’t been outside in days.

When the anthropologist reveals her own bottle of Bronzing Drops on a city street, she causes a frenzy among people clamoring for it, and the spot closes with the line, “ELF Skin Bronzing Drops. Just $12. Go Wild.”

ELF Skin Bronzing Drops are available on and at select retailers, including in-store at Target and Walmart and launching at additional retailers globally.

Watch the campaign here.

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