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Innovative Skin Care Ingredients Featured on In-Cosmetics Discover

In-Cosmetics group reveals some of the most exciting ingredients found on its recently launched platform.

The In-Cosmetics group has revealed some of the most exciting ingredients found on its recently launched Discover platform. Exhibitors from across all international shows in the in-cosmetics group’s full portfolio have been using the digital space to showcase their latest innovations.
Skin care has boomed during the pandemic as consumers have spent hours watching themselves on zoom, found more time and money to invest in skin care routines and also had new challenges to tackle such as “maskne.” The cultural shifts have resulted in a reduction in the use of makeup whilst many are focusing on attaining healthy skin with an even tone by adopting simplified skin care routines comprised of multifunctional ingredients. The market is projected to be worth more than $200 billion by 2026 and so it comes as no surprise that skin care innovations pique the interest of those searching for the latest launches on In-Cosmetics Discover.
Featured Skin Care Ingredients
Skin aging has always been a primary consumer concern, an issue which is addressed by Kalichem’s new Kalibiome range of pure postbiotics. Obtained through a patented bio-fermentation process, these postbiotics have the potential to become the next go-to for formulators due to their compatibility with all the preservatives used in cosmetics. In vivo and in vitro tests demonstrate the range’s anti-ageing capabilities combined with improving the skin barrier and reducing inflammation on skin and tissues.
Clariant Active Ingredients also received attention with its ingredient, Celyscence, a skin care product that allows for healthy ageing of skin by inducing apoptosis in senescent cells.
As all cosmetic formulators will know, reducing the signs of ageing continues to be an important factor to consider when developing new products. Visitors to In-Cosmetics Discover have been learning more about Solbrol FFA Plus from Lanxess Distribution, an aqueous solution of natural fruit acids and phenylpropanol made up entirely of renewable and GMO-free ingredients. Its high content of alpha-hydroxy acids helps to smooth fine lines and surface wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone, unblock and cleanse pores, and improve the skin’s general condition.
Featured Scalp Care Ingredients
Furthermore, many consumers now see scalp care as an extension of their skin care routine. This arena is expected to grow phenomenally and was listed in Forbes’ biggest beauty trends of 2021. Consequently, it’s not surprising that ingredients like Algaktiv's new BioSKN for Scalp, which provides the ultimate super food for scalp renewal, have been viewed many times by the platform’s users. Its prebiotic effect preserves the scalp’s microbiome ensuring it remains balanced resulting in calm, soothed skin and healthy hair growth.
Similarly, CutiBiome CLR is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from manuka, black pepper and magnolia that promotes healthy skin microbiota to reduce dandruff and scalp oiliness, sensitivity and itch.
Commenting on the popular innovations on In-Cosmetics Discover, Cathy Laporte, portfolio director at Reed Exhibitions, said, “We are very pleased to witness how successful In-Cosmetics Discover has been so far. Whilst the world remains largely online, it is great to see our exhibitors showcasing their innovations virtually and hundreds of manufacturers and R&D professionals actively browsing the latest launches.”

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