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Luxury Eye Makeup Is the Apple of Consumers’ Eyes: Spate

Growing interest in "non-toxic" and "luxury" when it comes to the eye makeup benefits leading in US-based search.


By: Lianna Albrizio

Luxury Eye Makeup Is the Apple of Consumers’ Eyes: Spate

Eye makeup has always been well, a mixed bag. Some beauty enthusiasts opt for over-the-top shadows and colored liners, while others stick to the tried-and-true, seldomly venturing outside of a no-makeup makeup look involving putting in tons of effort to look effortless. 
Whatever the consumer preference, when it comes to formulation, a growing interest exists in non-toxic and luxury when eyeballing the top eye makeup benefits on US search per the analysts at Spate.
In the world of beauty, consumers can’t afford to be cheap. And wide-eyed beauty enthusiasts value honesty, even if it comes with a bigger price tag, analysts say.

Non-Toxic Makeup For Screentime-Plagued Eyes

Per Spate, the top search queries for makeup claims are non-toxic mascara, best non-toxic mascara, non-toxic brow gel and non-toxic eye makeup remover. Searches for dry eyes are also up by +13.5% year-over-year (YoY), with an average of 153.6K searches a month, indicating another top trending concern for consumers. Brands with non-toxic products may want to address consumers with dry eyes as the concern rises along with screentime coinciding with social media’s addictive pull on consumer behavior. Spate analysts advise brands to ponder how portfolio products support the current consumer lifestyle.

Brands with eye products lacking these attributes should consider the possibility of reformulating and relaunching some of their best-sellers to align with the trend toward more non-toxic formulations, analysts urge.

Feast Your Eyes on Luxury

Specific brands are dominating the search space, but the overall trend in luxury eye makeup indicates a renewed consumer interest in luxury color cosmetics.
Eye makeup and luxury are currently experiencing a +24.6% YoY growth with an average of 1.6K monthly searches, Spate says. Among the top searches are queries for luxury color palette; Charlotte Tilbury luxury eyeshadow palette; luxury mink lashes; lash vault 16 pairs luxury mink lashes; Beauty Pie luxury Italian mascara; Charlotte Tilbury luxury eyeshadow palette in exagger eyes; Charlotte Tilbury luxury eyeshadow palette review; Avon ultra-luxury eyeliner dark brown; and Charlotte Tilbury luxury palette color-coded eyeshadow palette. 



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