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Sharon Personal Care Expands Portfolio with Botaneco’s Oleosomes

An important step in expanding green and sustainable technology capabilities, and presence in the sun care market.


By: Tom Branna

Sharon Personal Care Expands Portfolio with Botaneco’s Oleosomes

Sharon Personal Care has expanded its product offerings to the cosmetics industry with the Botaneco portfolio of natural, multifunctional oleosome products, Hydresia and CapSol. This is a strategic addition to Sharon Personal Care’s product portfolio of preservatives, building blocks, functional chemistries and active ingredients, including SharoSun, a preservative system for sunscreen products and Resconcept Sun, sun care smart solutions.

Sharon Personal Care CEO Naama Eylon noted that sunscreens are a complex formulation. By offering marketers its existing chemistry with complementary products such as CapSol, Sharon Personal Care can provide a complete solution for sun care formulators.

“This exclusive partnership with Botaneco is an important step in expanding our capabilities with green and sustainable technologies, as well as our presence in the global sun care market,” said Eylon. “We are thrilled to bring Botaneco’s innovative natural skin hydration and multi-functional solutions to consumers. At Sharon Personal Care, we understand the importance of providing high-quality sustainable solutions and effective sun protection, and this agreement underscores our commitment to this growing market. We are excited to leverage our expertise and resources to bring these products to the global market.

Hydresia oleosomes are all natural, micron-sized spheres of emollient plant oils and vitamin E, found in plant seeds, where oleosomes serve as the natural storehouse of oil. They enhance formulations with multifunctional benefits and provide a perfect balance between natural authenticity and real performance.

According to Sharon, they boast a unique, continuous moisture delivery system that is an all-natural alternative to chemical emulsifiers and irritating ingredients with its microparticles of skin-softening oils and vitamins.
CapSol sunscreen oleosomes make it easy to produce trend-forward creams and lotions.

Sourced from safflower seed oleosomes, CapSol is a breakthrough in sun care product formulation technology. It has the unique ability to load sunscreen filters in a way that dramatically reduces UV filter levels required for targeted SPF levels enabling a superior consumer experience and reduced environmental load, according to Sharon Personal Care. 

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