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One in Three Americans Still Practice Unsafe Storage of Laundry Products

For National Safety Month in June, American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is urging consumers to store liquid laundry packets in original packaging.

Got laundry packs? For National Safety Month in June, American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is urging consumers to store liquid laundry packets in original packaging, which were developed to help deter accidental poisonings.
Recent data from ACI shows a need for continued safety education and awareness when it comes to using and storing liquid laundry packets and other household cleaners. (LINK TO HOME CARE ARTICLE). In fact, 32% of Americans admit keeping their packets in a place where a child could see them and 29% do not consistently store these products up and out of reach.
Popular storage trends are frequently seen on social media that prioritize style over safety, like storing products in clear or glass containers. To combat this, ACI launched the Store Not Décor Challenge to raise awareness of this unadvisable trend and educate on proper safe storage habits. The Challenge is driven by digital influencers across popular social channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
“Keeping the product in the package is a simple step to a safer home,” said Brian Sansoni, ACI SVP-communications & outreach. “ACI’s ‘Store Not Décor’ campaign reminds parents and caregivers to never sacrifice safety for style and keep liquid laundry packets out of sight and reach of children and in their original containers.
“Follow the hashtag #StoreNotDecor on your favorite social media platform and share your pictures of how you safely and securely store your laundry packets and other cleaning products,” he added.
Safety Innovations
In the past decade, detergent manufacturers integrated several innovations to ensure that laundry packets not only work but are also safe when used as directed. Safety advancements made to the packet, include:
·      Increased packet burst strength
·      Faster dissolution in less water and colder water
·      Slower dissolution in saliva
·      Added bittering agent

Liquid laundry packet packaging design and safety features were also implemented to help deter accidental exposures among young children, but only work if families use these features correctly.
ACI remains dedicated to providing crucial resources and guidance to help families and caregivers alike understand and integrate safe practices at home. This National Safety Month, check out its new laundry safety video to learn more about laundry packet innovation and important safety reminders or visit

A Busy Year for ACI

Throughout 2021, the American Cleaning Institute has focused on enhancing “critical” regulatory connections with new federal agency leadership to ensure ACI is out in front on priority policy issues impacting the cleaning product supply chain.
So far this year, ACI has met with and reached out to top officials at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on myriad topics important to cleaning product manufacturers and chemical producers.
ACI met with CPSC officials, including Acting Chairman Robert Adler, to discuss industry’s support for renewal of a voluntary safety standard for liquid laundry detergent packets and highlight ACI’s Packets Up! program, which promotes safety messages to parents and caregivers.
ACI continues its long-standing working relationship with CDC through the Healthy Schools, Healthy People program, focused on promoting handwashing and cleaning practices for the school community at-large, which will have a new website launch in the coming weeks.
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