Top 10 Germiest Spots in the Office Impacted by Hybrid Work Model’s Hotel Desking and Communal Space

New insight from Lysol Pro finds illness-causing germs travel around the workplace differently than before.

With the onset of a new hybrid work model working following the pandemic, Reckitt's Lysol Pro Solutions has revealed the top 10 germiest surfaces in the workplace.

More than 50% of American workers are currently working from home more than four days each week. The move to hybrid working also means that when employees come into the office, they often do so specifically to meet with their co-workers in communal spaces. Coupled with the rise in “hot desking” or “hotel desking,” where almost a fifth (19%) of all American office workers now have no assigned desk, this combination can lead to shared surfaces being touched more regularly by different people than in a pre-pandemic office. As a result, illness-causing germs travel around the workplace differently than before.

“The sheer number of shared surfaces in today's evolving workplaces makes it easy for germs to be spread and harder for cleaning teams and employees to understand where, when, and how to clean and disinfect potential hotspots. To help protect offices, additional germ-protection must be implemented by both employers and by employees themselves. Knowing exactly which areas to focus disinfection on and when provides the framework for a more intelligent approach to hygiene, helping inspire confidence amongst America's workforce to return to the office,” said Dr. Lisa Ackerley, director, medical and scientific engagement, hygiene, at Reckitt's Lysol Pro Solutions.

According to Lysol Pro, research uncovered higher-risk hotspots a typical office worker can unknowingly encounter throughout the working day, potentially exposing them to germs such as rhinovirus, rotavirus and norovirus. These encounters can lead to catching a cold or unpleasant stomach issues like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

So, what are the hot spots? Click through the slider above to see the surfaces identified by the Lysol Pro Solutions team as the top 10 germiest hotspots in a typical US office.

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