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New Launches from Sensient

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is introducing multiple new high performance ingredients to address multiple market needs in makeup, skin care, sun care and hair care:

Covabead Crystal is a new, unique solution for a 360° skin protection against light damage. These soft, ultra-fine particles have a high protecting effect against Blue Light (High Energy Visible Light) while at the same time boosting the SPF provided by mineral and organic filters. Covabead Crystal has been substantiated as helping protecting skin from light damage.

Lumisens CV20 AS are PMMA beads coated with AS treated pigments. The new combination creates composites pigments that blend effortlessly onto skin, while providing the user with a unique sensorial experience due to the high softness of these pigments. The coverage is more uniform and the skin appears more radiant. The new Lumisens CV20 AS organic pigments are an extension from the successful Lumisens CV10 AS inorganic pigment launched in 2017.

Natpure Fibers is a new range of natural fibers developed specifically for natural skin care formulations. Extracted from sunflower seeds and hemp shives (depending on the grade), these fibers have a high soft focus effect and are used to redefine the appearance of skin by hiding small color and texture imperfections.

Sensisorb CF is the latest addition in the market leader Covabsorb family. This UV protector ingredient provides superior color and fragrance protection in perfumes and prevent the degradation of UV-sensitive ingredient by UV-A and UV-B. This high performance solution is formulated without OMC and BHT for global compliance.

Arianor Caribbean Blue is the latest addition to the Arianor basic dyes family for semi-permanent applications for hair. This high purity grade meets the SCCS latest requirement in term of purity. The composition has been optimized to deliver the highest color strength and the best pH and UV stability.

Natpure Screen TWG is a water dispersion of ultrafine, rutile, high performance TiO2 for sun care application. Natpure Screen TWG is based on Sensient’s UVR TiO2, the industry’s benchmark for high performance, low whitening TiO2 in sun care applications. Natpure Screen TWG allow formulators to create natural sun care products with high SPF, low whitening effect, all while using limited equipment and time due to the pre-dispersed character of the TiO2.

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