Storm Stories

November 2, 2012


As Hurricane Sandy swept through the East Coast, residents evacuated or hunkered down and braced for the worst. And that is what they got.

Lives have been lost (the numbers continue to rise as of this morning) and there is a incalculable amount of property damage. People have lost their homes and in many cases, everything they owned, taken by the wind, flood waters and the sea.

At times like this, our priorities shift, and rightly so. The business of formulating cosmetics, personal care products and laundry detergent takes a back seat.

But as the region tries to dig out, assess the damage and begin to recover, HAPPI is putting a call out: we want to hear from our readers on the East Coast of US and in particular the NYC/NJ tri-state area. 

Like us, we know many of the companies you work for operate in this region, and many of you live in the areas damaged by this deadly superstorm.

If you are safe, and lucky enough to power restored and have internet access, please let us know how you are. Check in by commenting below, post on our Facebook page, head to Twitter or send us an email (

HAPPI's editorial staff is safe, although our office in Ramsey, NJ remains without power as of 10:30 am on Friday, Nov 2. 

We hope that you are well.


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