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By Scott-Vincent Borba, Borba Inc | October 3, 2011

Scott-Vincent Borba on what keeps him going.

There are many times when I thought to myself, “forget it, running a business is not working.” Being an entrepreneur is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle, and the going sure can get tough.

My faith has gotten me through everything. It gives me guidance. It gives me strength. Most importantly, it gives me hope. Whenever the going gets tough, I call upon my faith to give me the hope to get through it. My religion is something I can count on that will be there for me through the hard times and the good, and I never forget that.

I had a business partner who had no religion, no family, and no hope in her life. I could tell that she needed some help, so I helped her find a hobby that she was passionate about and gave her hope for herself – decorating her office. She found hope in decorating her office, and she looked forward to it. She started to make goals for herself around decorating her office and eventually started decorating her home and her friend’s homes. She ultimately found decorating so joyful that she started up a side project as a decorator. Now she looks content, her stress has vanished and she lives to decorate. What do you live for that gives you hope?

About the Author
Scott-Vincent Borba founded Borba Inc. after a futile search to find skin care that would work for his sensitive, blemish prone skin. After doing an inordinant amount of research, Scott-Vincent realized that while topical products, such as serums, creams and exfoliators would work when used regularly, once stopped, the issues return, sometimes worse than before. He realized the body itself needs to be treated as well to maintain the results of a natural beautiful glow. To that effect, Borba'sInside/Out philosophy was born.

Borba's products, both topical and edible, are designed to provide the body with nutrients that support the creation of healthy, beautiful skin, while providing the body support to maintain itself.
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