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The Goddess Factor

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | June 10, 2013

Phytoestrogens for Venus-inspired skin care.

The anti-aging power of antioxidants, enzymes and peptides are well established. Now a new company is hoping to put phytoestrogens on the same pedestal. To capitalize on this concept, sisters Rebecca and Cecil Booth created VENeffect skin care, available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.
And this Sister Act knows a thing or two about women and skin care—Rebecca is a nationally recognized gynecologist, hormonal wellness expert and author of “The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle...At Any Age” (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2008); Cecil has 20 years of beauty industry experience, working in new product development on brands such as St. Ives, VO5, TreSemme and Nexxus.
The duo says they’ve spent the past seven years developing a line of skin care products that reverse the physical signs of hormonal aging and restore that healthy, desirable feminine glow.
“We developed VENeffect with one simple goal in mind: to preserve and restore the feminine aesthetic,” said Rebecca. “There is an undeniable and well documented link between estrogen and collagen. As the influence of estrogen wanes from its peak in our twenties, collagen declines, resulting in a loss of elasticity and increase in fine lines and wrinkles.” 
VENeffect Skin Care is designed to infuse skin with the healthy glow of peak feminine hormonal vitality—a phenomenon the sisters call the “Venus Effect.”  The products ($85-$185), including an anti-aging lip treatment, eye treatment, SPF 15 moisturizer and intensive moisturizer, are formulated with high concentrations of pure phytoestrogens that are unique to the line. In addition to their anti-aging properties, VENeffect phytoestrogens provide additional benefits: photo-protection to skin, natural anti-inflammatory effects and super-antioxidant properties. 
“In spite of the fact that hormonal aging affects every woman on the planet, it is virtually ignored by the beauty industry,” added Cecil.  “This unmet need led us to search the world for effective ingredients and work with skin scientists across the country to develop the VENeffect line.” 
The Booth sisters discovered their solution in the plant world. VENeffect sources its potency from 100% natural phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant-based “mimics” of human estrogen that safely and effectively bind to the receptors in skin, preserving and restoring collagen, dramatically increasing elasticity and reversing the signs of hormonal aging. 
Dr. Booth explains, “The small molecular size of phytoestrogens allows them to easily penetrate facial skin and bind with estrogen receptors in the dermis and epidermis.  Unlike anti-aging products that are designed to exfoliate dead skin, VENeffect restores the vital effect of collagen-enhancing estrogen to dramatically improve the vital glow of healthy skin.”
Next up from the brand are two new SKUs—Firming Phyto‐Lift Serum and a firming neck crème. The serum is packed with 100% natural oat extract to firm the skin, while the exclusive advanced phytoestrogen technology brightens, enhances skin tone, and dramatically boosts elasticity, said the company. Free of silicone, alcohol or fragrance, this innovative serum is a highly active first step in the treatment regimen, working in synergy with VENeffect Anti-Aging Moisturizer for longer lasting moisture and firmer, more luminous skin. The Firming Neck & Decollete Crème targets the delicate and vulnerable skin of the neck and decolletage, often one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. Free of fragrance, this highly effective treatment moisturizer will not interfere with other scents or perfumes, said the company. Used daily, it reduces lines and deep wrinkles and dramatically enhances elasticity for younger, brighter, skin—something women want at any age.
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