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Brow Wow

By Natalie Gee, Gee Beauty | January 6, 2012

Eyebrow expert Natalie Gee weighs in on this key facial attribute.

We’re all about groomed brows at Gee Beauty. The right shape can add beautiful definition to the face and provide the instant lift you’re looking for. The key is to use the right at-home products, and have your brows professionally shaped when possible. Here are a few of our favorite things to give you "Brow Wow."

In order to achieve the perfect DIY brow, keep the following tools close.
Must-have product: Talika’s Eyebrow Lipocil. This plant extract-based gel naturally stimulates eyebrow growth, making brows thicker and healthier. A colorless, odorless gel that naturally re-shapes the line of the eyebrows by stimulating the follicle, use twice a day – morning and night – for 30 days, and then once daily to maintain the growth. Lipocil is an effective, safe and natural product to give more brow definition by providing more hair to work with when you have them shaped or filled in.

For the look of a fuller brow, use a pencil to fill in the brow line. Have a professional makeup or brow artist recommend the right shade (more stone or grey-brown shades surprisingly look more natural that yellow-based shades). Gee Beauty’s Soft Taupe and Dark Taupe pencils ($28) are the most popular.What makes our brow pencil so popular is the softness that the pencil gives. Feels like a shadow and blends naturally with the brush tip to blend the color, so even if you are a little heavy handed, you can blend away for a natural finish. Remember to always sharpen your pencil to allow for a more precise application. Sweep the pencil on with soft, small strokes – apply on both brows and look in the mirror to see that the look isn’t too over-powering. You’re looking for definition but not heaviness. Brush out any areas that look too dark.

Set with a Brow Gel to hold hairs in place. Brush hairs upwards and outward – allowing the look to stay in place all day. Once you have your botanical brow enhancer, your brow pencils and brow gel, you can begin to shape.

At-home brow maintenance: we generally recommend only tweezing on your own if you find a few stray hairs in between professional eyebrow appointments. Start at the inner most corner of the eye and begin tweezing strays only. Follow your natural brow line and continue with strays that are well below the brow line. Trust me, a cleaner brow even still on the thicker side, will look much better than a think over plucked arch. Take a less is more approach when tweezing your brows at home if you are not totally comfortable with DIY shaping.

When picking tweezers, look for ones that have a pointed and slanted tip – this will allow for more precision and detail, picking up even the baby hairs to give you a more defined shape. We use Gee Beauty’s Help In A Pinch tweezers ($25) .

At Gee Beauty, we shape brows using our Gee Beauty threading technique. What we love about threading is that it’s incredibly gentle on the skin, while removing hairs from the root, not pulling or stretching the skin like waxing can.Threading gives the brow a beautiful and natural looking arch and that is what Gee Beauty is known for!

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Natalie Gee is the owner of Gee Beauty with locations in Miami, FL and Toronto, Canada.

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