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Coming Clean on Laundry

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | June 10, 2012

Ring-around-the collar-specialist Wisk turns to micro-cleaners to tackle the hidden dirt that builds up when Americans postpone laundry day.

Stains are usually the center of attention in the laundry category; if something is dirty, it gets tossed into the hamper.

Well, maybe not right away.

It seems America has a dirty little secret when it comes to its laundry habits.
According to a new national survey conducted by Wisk, nearly one in three women admit to wearing the same bra for several days in a row, and only half of consumers wash their sheets once a week.
Most people claim that they “just know” when an item needs to be washed, but what they may not know is that the average washload contains way more body oils and sweat than visible stains, according to Wisk. And these hidden soils can get trapped deep in the fabric of clothes and build up over time.
Sun Products has rolled out a new Wisk formulation that contains a patented blend of “micro-cleaners” that seek that out and attack the trapped body oils and sweat that other detergents leave behind.

According to Yasmin Grant, associate brand manager for Wisk Deep Clean, even after washing, some “value” detergents can leave behind hidden body oils and sweat that get trapped deep within the fiber of clothes.

Wisk removes body oil that is not always easy to see.
“In the average washload, the ratio of body oils and sweat to visible stains is 20 to one,”Grant told HAPPI. “Can you imagine how much builds up for a family of four in one week’s worth of laundry?”

Wisk Deep Clean helps to get out those visible stains and all that hidden dirt, say executives.
Without going into specifics on the chemistry involved, Grant said the micro-cleaners “organize themselves and surround pockets of body oil that have been trapped deep inside the fiber matrix of clothes, towels and bedding.They then work with the water in the wash to actually lift these trapped oil droplets off of the fibers so they can be rinsed down the drain.”
The Wisk Deep Clean line, which is new for 2012, is available in five varieties—Original, High Efficiency, Oxi Complete, Fresh Breeze and a new Free & Pure SKU.
Wisk is taking its micro-cleaning message to modern moms, including those who might not be old enough to recall its iconic “Ring Around the Collar” heritage.
“Today’s moms want the right balance of performance, value, and convenience in products,” Grant said. “Moms want to provide the best for their family–even in the laundry room, and rely on brands that are high quality, trustworthy, and provide outstanding value–like Wisk Deep Clean. Wisk, with its legendary ‘ring around the collar’ campaign, is the detergent known to fight tough stains and today gives Moms the confidence to know that her family’s clothes are ‘deep down’ clean.”

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