Beauty’s Top Source For Education

By Jill Birkett, Brand Director, Beauty & Wellness | UBM Live | May 3, 2013

HBA Global Expo is June 18-20.

Developing content that resonates with those on the frontlines of product development is the goal of the HBA Global Conference taking place June 18-20, in New York. The educational offerings this year address core pillars to product and business success:  Brand Development; Innovations; Naturals & Sustainable; Skin Care; and a new partnership with the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) to create the IoPP Packaging Learning Center.

HBA Global is also collaborating with the industry’s foremost graduate program, FIT, to present a Capstone series of panels on “Beauty in the Digital Age.” With more than 50 sessions being presented, led by subject matter experts, this comprehensive program will help bring new products and innovative concepts to market and provide attendees with the resources, techniques and skills to deliver the most impact to the growth of their brand, business or professional career. 

The Brand Development Track focuses on what it takes to bring a brand to life and grow to the next level. Whether you are a new entrepreneur just getting started, or an industry veteran in need of a fresh take or repositioning on an established brand, this track will provide the tools and techniques to connect with consumers. Sessions include: “The Face of Distribution: Breaking into Mass Retail;” “Direct Response Opportunities: What does it take to get into DRTV? Is Innovation Enough?;” “Strategies to Revitalizing your Brand as you Grow;” and “Meet the Matrix: Brand, Strategy + Design Collaborators.”

Although innovation is a widely used term in the beauty and personal care industry, it is important for brand success to come up with just the right combination of novel features and benefits, addressing consumer needs and wants, as well as creating new desires in a global market. The Innovation Track will focus on the latest up-and-coming trends, such as: color forecasting and design innovations, generational trends, technology innovations, new ingredients, formulations and delivery systems. Track topics will include:  “TrendWatch: Inspiring Innovations;” “Innovations in Anti-Aging;” “The Future of Beauty Packaging;”  “What’s Next for Fragrance;” as well as the FIT Capstone panels.

Skin care is a keystone of the beauty and personal care industry, and the category continues to grow with new technologies and innovations being introduced every day. The Skin Care Track will provide the latest data and trends and provide insight on new technologies and future growth opportunities. “Nutricosmetics and Nutriceuticals: Developing Successful Clinically Proven Nutricosmetics that Synergistically Compliment Topical Formulations;” “Consumer Spending Trends in Skin Care;” “Changing Tides: Advances in Marine Technology;” and “Cutting Edge, Innovative Products and Ingredients in Skin Care;’” are just some of the sessions in this important product category.

Natural and sustainable is a global market movement greatly impacting the beauty and personal care industry and the Natural & Sustainable Track will examine key advances in this category segment and delve into future developments. Sessions will also address ethical sourcing, and innovative earth-friendly ingredients and materials, as well as how to best reach consumers including;  “Lessons From Innovators: What Do Today’s New Product Innovations Tell Us About The Future of Natural Beauty?”  “Natural, Bio-derived, Green—Understanding the Emerging Differentiation;” and “How to Become and Stay a Leader in the Consumer-driven Trend Toward Natural and Sustainable Ingredients.”

Packaging Know-How
The IOPP Packaging Learning Center is a one-day program that will address the impact packaging plays at the retail level as well as in selling on the web and in international markets.  Also, how to successfully engage a contract packager as well as a real-world case study on developing effective packaging in an aggressive timeframe are also part of the educational program.

The HBA Global event is also a place for sourcing and networking with a dynamic exhibit floor featuring top suppliers in packaging, raw materials & ingredients, formulation and manufacturing services as well as the SPLASH Pavilion spotlighting emerging finished goods and the SPA Services & Products Pavilion. The show floor also has the Trend Spot Theatre, and popular showcases for this year’s best package designs and exhibitors’ new products.

The HBA Conference offers an unparalleled world of new ideas and opportunities, with top brand and product leaders from Coty, Duane Reade/Walgreens, Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder, NARS Cosmetics, Perricone MD, Target, Unilever, Yes to Carrots and more. Register online to receive pre-show discounts and meet and learn from these market innovators at www.hbaexpo.com and use promo code: PHAPA.

Top Sessions
Industry experts will share insights at the educational workshops. Here’s a look at some of the top sessions scheduled for the 2013 show:
  • Tuesday June 18, 2013, 2:45pm-4pm, The Face of Distribution: Breaking into Mass Retail. The health and beauty industry has seen drastic growth in the last several years, and as a result distribution continues to evolve to meet the overwhelming demands.
  • Tuesday June 18, 2013, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Trend Watch: Inspiring Innovations. Being successful in the future starts with understanding the future; once you understand the future you can start developing products accordingly. In this session, we’ll present current global trends forecast and how they affect the beauty consumer. Hear how to translate current trends into your design and innovation of new products, new markets and new applications.
Consumer Spending Trends in Skin Care:
What drives women to buy beauty? There are many product factors that can drive market performance such as innovation, newness, and originality, but it’s the high level of consumer engagement that sets beauty apart. Because of this, it is important to know who your consumer really is and what is she looking for in her beauty products In this session, we’ll explore current trends happening across the skin care market, with a focus on consumer behavior and how she approaches each category.