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Silab Launches Scalp-Soothing Active

May 3, 2013

• From environmental factors to aggressive hair dyes to unsuitable hair treatments, the scalp is subjected to multiple daily stresses that lead to chronic irritation. Targeting these issues, Silab rolled out Capicalm (INCI: Water and butylene glycol and fumaria officinalis extract), an anti-irritant active ingredient rich in purified fumitory glycans to protect sensitive scalps, according to the company.

Capicalm reduces inflammation and protects against external stresses on the scalp. Combining protection and comfort, this natural ingredient can be added to all hair treatment products for weakened scalps, according to the company.

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Lubrizol Rolls Out New Polymer
• Lubrizol presents its latest innovation, the Carbopol Ultrez 30 polymer. This newest rheology modifier in the family of Carbopol polymers offers good electrolyte tolerance, high thickening performance in a broad pH range, and a rich, distinct sensory in challenging skin care formulations, according to the company. Easy to use, it is low dusting and disperses quickly under gentle agitation.

 Carbopol Ultrez 30 polymer is a crosslinked acrylic acid homopolymer that provides a solution for formulating skin care products with medium to high viscosities. It allows the formulator to achieve desired rheological and aesthetic properties in the presence of electrolytes or the acidic actives required for today’s consumer products. Its improved electrolyte tolerance and broad pH compatibility makes it ideal for formulating products with botanical extracts or water-soluble salts, as well as acidic actives or ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid or organic acid preservatives at a pH range as low as 4.0-4.5.

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Synovea DOI ObtainsEcocert Certification
• Synovea DOI (INCI: Isosorbide dicaprylate) is obtained by a green chemical process using plant-based raw materials. Origin of the raw materials and process has been Ecocert reviewed and given full compliance certification to Synovea DOI.

According to the company, it is a unique and cost-effective product for skin hydration. It can be used in almost all types of skin care and treatment products. Sensorial benefits of Synovea DOI can be easily perceived in formulated products, added the company.

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Purasal NH/COS Is Effective On Extremely Dry Skin
• Purasal NH/COS from Purac offers a high performance solution for extremely dry skin, reducing dryness and visibly restoring skin to a healthy-looking condition and making it feel smooth and supple, according to the company.

In a clinical study, a lotion containing Purasal NH/COS was applied by women with very dry skin, during wintertime. Three weeks of treatment were followed by a two-week regression period in which no product was applied.

According to Purac, the results of the hydration measurement showed that the lotion with Purasal NH/COS gave significant superior moisturization compared to the placebo group during the three weeks of treatment as well as during the regression period, demonstrating Purasal NH/COS restored skin to a healthy condition, whereas the placebo lotion merely was masking the symptoms of dry skin. The appearance of the skin treated with Purasal NH/COS visibly improved, flakes and ashiness were reduced and the skin looked smooth, healthy and radiant, according to Purac.

Purasal NH/COS is a concentrated solution of the ammonium salt of natural L-Lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation from biobased carbohydrates. According to Purac, it is especially suited for formulations for extremely dry skin. By normalizing the keratinization process, it restores the stratum corneum to its normal, healthy condition and makes skin look beautiful, soft and smooth again.

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Biosil Technologies Inc. Appoints Canadian Distributor
• Biosil Technologies Inc. tapped Azelis Canada Ltd. as the exclusive distributor of Biosil’s line of specialty silicone complexes and marine derived actives in Canada.

According to the company, this strategic partnership will broaden Azelis’s specialty product portfolio and expand Biosil’s marketing efforts in Canada. It will give Biosil a presence in the region with technical sales and marketing support and local warehousing.

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Tailored Hair Care Solutions For Well-Coiffed Men
• A Dow Corning and Xiameter brand report discussing hair care trends and silicone solutions is now available at  You can learn more about how specialty silicone solutions help customers bring beauty to life in new and exciting ways at

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Ashland Highlights Usage of Probiotics in Skin Care
• Ashland Care Specialties, a business unit of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, launched Skin’s Ecology, an initiative in support of new products that help normalize microflora on the surface of skin. The skin’s natural probiotic defenses are supported by antimicrobial peptides and are essential in the skin’s ongoing fight against undesirable microorganisms. Ashland will show how a biofunctional ingredient based on flax seed may be used to support cathelicidin and β-defensin antimicrobial peptides, an important class of biological peptides necessary to maintain a proper ecosystem balance on skin, noted the company.

“Probiotics are consumed by millions of people every day to help balance the body’s inner microflora. Likewise, it may be possible to enhance the natural microbiome and biochemical shield on the surface of skin with a topical cream containing Lipigenine biofunctional,” said Justine Cotton, marketing manager, skin care biofunctionals, Ashland Care Specialties.  

“Inspiration for our biofunctional derived from flax seed comes from the process pertaining to skin’s own lipid production in the stratum corneum, which goes beyond a physical barrier function to include a biochemical shield against the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms.”
The Skin’s Ecology initiative brings together biologists from Ashland’s skin research together with formulation and consumer science professionals to help skin care product makers commercialize new innovations that address the microflora ecology on the skin surface.

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Jeen Debuts Jeesperse ICE-T
• Jeen International Corporation rolled out its latest innovation, a patented, breakthrough Jeesperse ICE-T (Instant Cold Emulsion Technology). Building on the popular Jeesperse Cold Process Wax (CPW) products, the Jeesperse ICE-T series includes optimized powders that, when introduced into water at room temperature, rapidly form stable emulsions typically eliminating the use of traditional emulsifiers and allowing the addition of waxes into the system without heating.

The resulting formulations provide exceptional aesthetics, formulator flexibility and related benefits to creams, lotions and hair care products. A wide range of natural and synthetic waxes can be incorporated into Jeesperse ICE-T along with various active ingredients allowing a nearly unlimited number of potential wax melt point and formulation attributes.

The sustainable, green focus of Jeesperse ICE-T has been recognized by the US EPA as one of the first technologies to be expedited through its Green Initiatives patent process. Company executives say the launch of Jeesperse ICE-T continues the advanced, green technology tradition at Jeen International. 

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