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ACI Launches Website to Promote Hand Hygiene and Cleaning Practices in Schools

Offers educational resources for educators, school nurses, administrators, parents and students.

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has launched a new website for the Healthy Schools, Healthy People initiative, a joint effort of ACI and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to promote hand hygiene and cleaning practices as a means to prevent the spread of infectious disease in schools and reduce illness-related absenteeism.
The new site offers resources for educators, school nurses, administrators, parents and students. The site also features interactive games, a quarterly newsletter, educational webinars, and targeted social media.
“Proper cleaning and hygiene protocols and practices are vital to ensuring the health of the school community at large,” said Melissa Hockstad, president & CEO of the American Cleaning Institute. “The Healthy Schools, Healthy People initiative provides practical and meaningful tools for school districts across the country and reinforces the notion that cleanliness should be front-and-center on a daily basis.”
As part of the initiative, ACI will be hosting a webinar later this summer, “Keeping Hand Hygiene Top of Mind During the Back-to-School Season.” During the webinar, Dr. Vincent Hill, chief of CDC’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch, will discuss the importance of proper hand hygiene and best practices for cleaning and disinfecting in schools.

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