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Amyris and Naomi Watts Partner to Launch Menopause Wellness Personal Care Products

New brand will destigmatize menopause and support women's health.

Amyris Inc., a leading synthetic biotechnology company and a supplier of sustainable and natural ingredients, has partnered with Naomi Watts to create a new consumer brand to provide science-backed, menopause wellness personal care products. Watts—actress, mom and co-founder of ONDA Beauty—has a personal commitment to clean skincare, wellness and destigmatizing menopause.
Tackling a Major Issue for Women
By 2025, there will be over one billion people experiencing menopause in the world, which will be 12% of the entire world population of eight billion. Various symptoms and conditions are experienced by approximately 75% of women and can lead to a significant reduction in quality of life, increased utilization of medical resources and an overall loss of productivity. Stigma, lack of open discussion, and a very small product offering at an affordable price contribute to a major barrier to care for women.
With its Lab-to-Market science and technology, Amyris is well positioned to lead the menopause market segment by producing safe and sustainable ingredients for consumer products with proven benefit to address menopausal concerns. This new brand furthers Amyris' growth and market leadership to provide clean health, beauty and wellness to consumers of all life stages and complements Amyris' family of leading consumer brands.
“The shame and lack of community surrounding menopause has made me feel alone, confused and overwhelmed. The belief that menopause means a woman's time is up is ludicrous and should not exist,” said Watts. “In partnering with Amyris, we're endeavoring to equip all phases of menopause with products, tools and resources that make us feel celebrated and empowered, both physically and emotionally. No one should walk through this alone. I couldn't be more excited and proud to share what we've been working on together very soon.”
“We are pleased to welcome Naomi Watts to the Amyris family of brands and join her in destigmatizing menopause and supporting women's health,” said John Melo, president and CEO of Amyris. “Naomi shares our vision for a more sustainable future and we look forward to launching this brand in 2022 as part of our ongoing effort to create, manufacture and market clean, healthy and effective products for all.”

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