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Cashing In On The ‘Stache

Mustache and pre-shave oils are the top-growing grooming trends on search in the US per Spate.

Several-step skin care regimens have long been a woman’s thing. 
In 2024, men are flipping the script, and in fact, want it all when it comes to grooming needs. (See our most recent article on the phenomenon in our May edition of Happi here.) 
According to beauty trend tracker Spate, mustache and pre-shave oils are the top-growing grooming trends on search in the US. 

Mustache Oil 

Analysts have seen an uptick in searches for mustache oil with 1.8K average monthly searches and a +245.0% year-over-year (YoY) growth. Some consumers are interested in whether this oil helps with hair growth, as evidenced by queries such as, “Does mustache oil work?” and, “best beard and mustache growth oil.”
Overall, searches for mustache oil are broad and indicate more of an interest in the oil format for facial hair than anything else. A proposition for brands to ponder is what appeals to consumers about the oil format, as well as how skincare benefits can be incorporated into this format for a multi-use product. Analysts give a hint: Think skin-softening, rosemary-scented mustache oil.

Pre-Shave Oil 

Traditional shaving cream, move over. Pre-shave oil is having a moment. Analysts say there are 5.9K average monthly searches and a +58.4% YoY growth. While many people are choosing to shop for one, many also want to know if they can make it at home, as seen by searches like, “homemade pre-shave oil straight razor” and “DIY pre-shave oil.”
For consumers seeking to DIY their own options, ingredient suppliers have an opportunity to position their carrier oils as a streamlined means. As a brand, it’s helpful to consider how this function can be combined with other oil formats consumers in the space are currently obsessing over. For one, a mustache oil that doubles as a pre-shave oil is an attractive option, Spate says.



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