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L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus Speaks Against Permanent Remote Work

Accuses remote employees of having "no attachment, no passion, no creativity."


By: Lianna Albrizio

L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus Speaks Against Permanent Remote Work

Speaking at the World Economic Forum annual event in Davos, Switzerland last week, L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus criticized work from home policies, accusing permanent remote workers of having “absolutely no attachment, no passion, no creativity.”
Per The Telegraph, Hieronimus expressed: “I think it’s vital to be in the office. It’s about serendipity. It’s about meeting people.”
Hieronimus added that “working from home is actually very bad” for the “mental health” of workers with “small houses” or “young kids” in tow.
“It’s vital for the company, and it’s vital for the employees. It’s also fair to the blue-collar workers that work every day in the factory,” he said.

Hieronimus Favors a Hybrid Schedule

Hieronimus does not believe that workers should have to come in five days a week—instead, he favors a hybrid schedule to reap the benefits of collaboration.
Currently, L’Oréal requires employees to go into the office at least three days a week.
“One of the reasons that we hit the ground running after Covid is that we did not do like many tech companies [did] and say everybody works from home all the time and now they say: ‘Oh my God, that was a mistake, please come back’,” Hieronimus added.
L’Oréal posted an incredible 18.5% sales increase in 2022, as well as a 22.6% increase in net profit.
Most recently, in Q3 of 2023, L’Oréal continued to outperform the beauty market with continued growth in both volume and value.
This news comes weeks after Hieronimus delivered the keynote at CES 2024—the first ever keynote at the event from a beauty company.


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