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Mushrooms Are Key Ingredients in Beauty & Wellness

New data from Spate show growing consumer interest in mushroom-derived materials.


By: Tom Branna

Mushrooms Are Key Ingredients in Beauty & Wellness

Consumer demand for mushrooms is, well, mushrooming! According to the latest research from Spate, in the past year, Google searches for mushrooms rose 22.4%. More specifically, searches for reishi mushroom supplements rose 55.5% during the period and searches for turkey tail mushroom supplements rose more than 52%. 

Within the skin care category, Spate found search interest was concentrated around a few products. Origins Mega Mushroom line was the most searched, followed by Volition’s Snow Water Mushroom Serum and Tony Moly’s Golden Mushroom Sleeping Mask, according to Spate. 

The magic of mushrooms is nothing new to dermatologists and cosmetic formulators. Kojic acid, a mushroom derivative, is an alternative to hydroquinon.

With interest in CBD growing, some observers have suggested it will fuel interest in mushrooms, too, as consumers seeks natural alternatives in their wellness routines.

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