Hot Hair Care, Makeup, Wellness & Beauty Launches for Holiday 2021

A look at some leading household and personal care gifts for the season.

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 11.22.21
The shift of holiday shopping behavior to earlier in November could blunt the overall impact of Black Friday, but there still could be macroeconomic factors that give the day a boost, according to Chris Costello, senior director of market research at Skai, Chicago.
“Early projections indicated a booming economy in Q4, but with the Delta variant and the debt ceiling showdown, it’s not clear if those predictions are still in effect,” he told Happi. “On the one hand, we are broadly on the other side of the pandemic, at least compared to last year, and that should start to see momentum toward in-store shopping.”
Here’s a look at some novel beauty and personal care products available in stores this month to gift to hosts and guests as early as possible now that social season is under way!