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Magic at Your Fingertips

L'Oreal creates unique topcoats for holiday.

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor

Published November 1, 2013
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Magic at Your Fingertips

Marketers can cash in on the booming nail care segment by creating unique topcoats that alter or extend the life of a manicure. After all, if we’re not shelling out $30 or so for a UV-cured gel manicure, our standard painted-on lacquer is going to chip after a few days of wear.
Enter L’Oreal, no stranger to nail innovations. It’s new line of limited edition L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Magic Top Coats ($5.99 each) provide a completely customizable nail look by changing the finish of any shade with one swipe.  If you are looking to upgrade your color, fill in any chips and then add the Magic Top Coats for a whole new look!
The Matte Velvet creates a dull, matte finish; The True Diamond leaves a magnificent shimmery finish; The Sparklicious leaves a fun, confetti-style glitter effect; The Holographic leaves a 3D iridescent finish, The Shift Me adds a soft pink pearlescence; and The True Gold leaves a layer of gold glitter.
These SKUs are at drugstores now until supplies last!

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