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January 8, 2009

Beauty That’s Sustainable

MWV offers a range of packaging solutions for the personal care industry.

Greenwashing may be rampant in the personal care industry—but not at MWV. The Glen Allen, VA-based company provides a wide range of dispensers and packaging materials that can help beauty companies protect their products while they protect the environment.
John Perkins
The company has market-leading positions in two critical areas within the beauty packaging sector. Its dispensing offerings includes fine mist sprayers for perfume and pumps for lotions, creams, soaps and viscous fluids. The company can also offer airless solutions via its acquisition of Keltec. At the same time, MWV is a leader in the secondary packaging category too, offering a wide selection of paperboard, folding cartons and rigid gift boxes.

A Range of Solutions

For skin care products, MWV’s patented Pure Path technology incorporates the metal spring outside the fluid pathway to eliminate the risk of corrosion and discoloration because no metal comes in contact with the formula. That, in turn, lets formulators use metal-sensitive ingredients in their formulations.
Another innovation, the Aria Airless dispenser, is recommended for high-end, oxygen-sensitive cosmetics. The airless system may even enable formulators to reduce the amount of preservatives in their formulations.
“Many of our key products support sustainability in some way or form,” explained John Perkins, vice president, MWV personal and beauty care for the Americas.
Also within the dispensing category, MWV’s Melodie pump with the “NoC” invisible dip tube enables fragrance marketers to create aesthetically pleasing products.
Clickit IP, a cost-effective, high-performance fragrance pump.
“The Melodie engine is compact technology that lets design teams create great products,” noted Mr. Perkins. “And the NoC tube really speaks to the aesthetic possibilities of a fragrance package.”
Most recently, the company introduced ClickIt IP, a resin-injected version of the company’s Melodie ClickIt pump. According to MWV, it offers prestige fragrance brands a cost-effective, high-performance pump that provides the look and feel of traditional luxury packaging.

A Global Presence

In addition to an extensive range of packaging solutions, MWV operates on a global scale, with facilities all over the world. In fact, the company will open a manufacturing facility in Mexico later this year.
“We have a global footprint, but with local expertise,” explained Nick Mysore, MWV’s senior director of strategic marketing. “We can tweak a package to keep the brand essence, but make it work wherever a product is sold, whether that’s the U.S., China or India.”

According to Mr. Mysore, four elements drive personal care packaging:
    • Image;
    • Convenience;
    • Sustainability and
    • Individuality.
And all of the company’s packaging solutions revolve around these four elements.
To keep abreast of the latest trends in the market, MWV also carries out consumer focus groups.
“We want to know as much about consumers as our customers,” observed Mr. Mysore.
As MWV adds new facilities around the world, the company is adding key personnel as well. Most recently, on Dec. 1, Thomas Jonas joined MWV to lead its personal and beauty care business. In his role, Mr. Jonas will focus on driving strategic growth strategies for the MWV personal and beauty care business through product development and commercialization, expansion throughout new and existing markets, and efficient management of the business’s global manufacturing capabilities.
The Aria Airless dispenser is recommended for high-end, oxygen-sensitive cosmetics.
Mr. Jonas most recently served as general manager of Alcan Beauty Solutions and was a member of the executive board of directors for Alcan Fragrance & Cosmetic. Prior to joining Alcan, he held senior level consulting and management positions at A.T. Kearney and Olivier Hong Kong (a subsidiary of the LVMH group).

A Commitment to Sustainability

Even as it expands its personal care team and global presence, MWV remains fully committed to sustainability. In fact, MWV even hosted a full-day forum on sustainable packaging that featured a wide range of speakers.
“We were very pleased with the Beauty Without Compromise Symposium, all the major personal care and beauty care companies were there,” noted Mr. Perkins. “Some customers are very knowledgeable about sustainability and environmental performance, while others are just learning. So the symposium included thought leaders who could provide new insights, with solid content that works.”
The symposium, moderated by Chandler Burr of The New York Times, included sessions on packaging design for sustainability, a review of product scorecards from Wal-Mart, how designers can choose the right materials and package labeling. The symposium was so well received that MWV plans to hold these events on an annual basis.
“We’re passionate about sustainability,” concluded Mr. Perkins. “We want to help our customers by offering them the right solution.”