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The Personalization of Hair Trends

June 11, 2013

How can consumers find what's right?

By Celebrity Stylist Claudio Lazo,
Wella's Trend Aficionado

We have all been subject to following one trend or another at some point in our lives. We look to them to stay in tune with those around us.   They are about lifestyles and they are exciting, but at the same time confusing and maybe even overwhelming. Choosing which ones to follow can be challenging.  When you are following a trend, you are following a lifestyle.

From the silver screen, fashion magazines to the streets, we are constantly seeing new and interesting things.   But, how do you know if a ‘trend’ is right for you?   We all ponder the thought, “I love that look and how it looks on her.  I wonder if it could work for me?” The best way to approach a new trend is to find your fit, work with it, and then make it fit your desired lifestyle.

Can I wear “Trendy” styles? - We cannot try on Angelina Jolie’s dress and become “Angelina Jolie”.  We have to put a different spin on it to make fit with our lifestyle.  You can push a little but you cannot push too much because you will not be comfortable.  The first step is to find where you fit.  Are you Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Prada or are you “California Casual”, “BoHo Chic” or a “mash-up” of several styles?  Angelina Jolie, started with a gothic kind of look, but she mixed it with the classic look of Chanel and other high-end designers and that mix became a ‘look’ that worked for her.

Trends with Hair Styles - Asian fusion is in. East meet west, tone on tone. But this just might not be the look for you.  However, you don’t have to be full on. You can take a piece of a look you like and create a style perfect for you.   When looking at hair trends, you need to consider the color palette, the structure of your face, the appropriate textures, and a flattering length. The best thing to do is consult with your stylist. Trust the pros.  They will be able to tell you if a style will compliment you or not.  A color may make your eye color pop or it can wash out your skin tone.  A certain shape can accentuate your cheekbones or give too much roundness to your face.   With your stylists’ expertise, you will be able to find the right balance incorporating a trendy style into your look.

Trends with Color- Currently Bright Pinks, greens, fucias and pastels in.  If you cannot go full on like a teenager, you can place the colors underneath where you can tuck them away during the work day if need be and expose them when you are on your own time.   If you don’t feel like committing to a permanent color, you can always have a hairdresser color some wefts that you can clip in when you want to have that pop of color.

When do you start moving forward from a trend?  You don’t really shift out of a trend necessarily, they sort of just evolve into something else.  For instance with Bangs.  If bangs are the trend and you have them, you will evolve to a ‘whispy’ or a grown out ‘diagonal’ bang which will eventually blend back in with your hairs length.  A “Pixie Cut” too would simply and gradually move into a longer version of that style.  

How long do Trends last? – The length of a trend is usually six months to a year before they start to evolve.  From there, you can create a new style from the remnants of the old trend or go with something all together different that may have inspired you from your experience with the previous style.
Actors, actresses, and models are professionals who are like ‘chameleons’ when playing a role. For them, changing their look entirely for a character isn’t veering too far off course.   For the rest of us however, skewing too far off with the spirit of following a trend can begin to feel unnatural. You can push a little but you can’t push to far beyond a point where you become uncomfortable and not feel like yourself.

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About the expert:
Known for his cutting-edge creativity and attention to detail, Claudio Lazo has become one of the most sought after stylists in Hollywood. A professional for over 20 years, he uses hair as his canvas, truly creating art. Born in Santiago Chile, and raised in Los Angeles, Lazo credits his fascination with the shapes and design of architecture with his lifelong passion of creatively manipulating hair. His career began at sixteen, when he began as an assistant to Walter Zipuch, a world- renowned Austrian hair genius. By age 20, he was deep into the world of fashion becoming an editorial hairstylist for such high profile designers as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Azzedine Alaia. His trend-setting flair became a favorite of fashion week in both New York and Los Angeles.
In his mid-twenties, Claudio was hand picked to work alongside Geri Cusenza, wife of John Sebastian and owner of the prestigious Cassandra 2000 Salon in Los Angeles. Geri was known as the most groundbreaking and creative hairdresser of her time. While honing his craft, Lazo soon became part of the Sebastian International Artistic Team. Traveling the world working as a platform artist, he developed his unique style. He is owner of C the salon, a 2500 sq. ft salon and photo studio in Los Angeles where he holds classes, photo shoots and his legendary assistant program.

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