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Salon Selectives Makes a Comeback

June 3, 2009

The iconic brand re-launches with a fresh look.

Salon Selectives Makes
A Comeback

The iconic brand re-launches with a fresh look.

By Joanna Cosgrove
Online Editor

In its heyday back in the 1980s and 1990s, Helene Curtis Industries’ Salon Selectives hair care brand enjoyed a 6.5% market share and annual sales of $275 million. Characterized by brightly colored packaging and a much-loved green apple fragrance, the products offered the promise of custom care for salon beautiful hair at the mass retail level. Chicago, IL-based Beautology Brands Company, recently added the venerable brand to its fold of premium hair care product portfolio and looks forward to re-commercializing the brand that is still widely-recognized by consumers.

When the Salon Selectives brand disappeared from stores more than a decade ago it definitely was not because of lack of consumer loyalty or interest, explained Stuart Straus, president and CEO of Beautology Brands.

“The brand essence simply strayed too far from the original when the brand was relaunched by Unilever after purchasing Helene Curtis Industries,” he said.

A revamped Salon Selectives has a ready-made audience.
Mr. Straus remembered Salon Selectives’ success well, as he launched his hair care career with Helene Curtis Industries and looks forward to revitalizing the iconic brand.

“This is a very exciting time as we now have the incredible opportunity to effectively re-commercialize one of the most well-known and successful brands in the history of hair care,” he said.“Our research shows that Salon Selectives still has over 80% awareness among consumers.”

With money tight, now is the perfect time to relaunch Salon Selectives, according to Mr. Straus.

“Consumers are looking for brands they know and are a good value,” he said. “Consumers remember the equities of the original packaging, scent and customization.The brand will be introduced as a value salon brand offering salon quality formulas at a great price.”

According to Mr. Straus, Beautology Brands will strategically re-introduce the brand to fill a “major need” in the Salon Value segment at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide.To rebuild its winning history, the company will leverage the Salon Selectives’ strong brand equities of salon heritage, customized care, mix and match badge system, packaging color palette and the universally appealing fragrance.”

Reinforcing Mr. Straus’ decision to purchase the brand was the fact that the Salon Selectives concept has remained so strong with consumers.

“Salon Selectives’ well-established brand awareness is invaluable as this brand can serve as an affordable indulgence that will draw past customers back to rediscover a more carefree time and entice new consumers to experience the quality, budget-friendly mix as well,” he said. “The key is to modernize the collection but maintain the timeless element of quality and value that resonates in today’s tough economic times.This is absolutely the right time, right price, and right brand.”

This new incarnation of Salon Selectives will feature updated packaging and formulations; however Mr. Straus said his company will pay “great attention to the original core equities that continue to resonate with consumers.In updating the formulas, we will take all the knowledge and progress with salon formulas and make these the best a consumer can purchase at our value price point,” he said.“We will not be changing the green apple scent that all Salon Selectives consumers loved in the 80’s and 90’s.”

The new marketing plan will also tap into the brand’s previous campaign and will also revisit the famous “Just stepped out of the salon” jingle.

“Per our focus group research, the recall of the original Salon Selectives ad campaign is unusually strong after all of these years,” commented Mr. Straus. “We feel very fortunate to have such strong following and will continue to build upon the past campaigns.For instance, the Salon Selectives jingle was one of the top three elements that consumers most remembered about the hair care collection.The majority could even sing ‘The just stepped out of the salon’ tune and state the tagline ‘Customized Care for Salon Beautiful Hair.’ We will definitely incorporate these keyelements in our marketing strategy moving forward.”

The newly revamped Salon Selectives lineup will be available in-store January 2010 and the lineup will consist of a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.The price points are still to be determined.

Beautology Brands Company is a premium hair care marketer and distributor of Charles Worthington London, Chemistry Salon Labs, and Daisy Fuentes Style Pro hair care brands.

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