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The Root of the Problem

Colorist Rita Hazan sees opportunity in spray product for hair.

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor

Published May 2, 2011
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The Root of the Problem

During the past 15 years, colorist Rita Hazan amassed a following by creating signature styles for A-list names such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, while running a namesake salon on Fifth Avenue in New York.
But from celebrities to the common man, one quandary remained universal: what to do when roots start to show in-between hair colorings?
Hazan recently launched her first hair care product, Rita Hazan Root Concealer, the first-ever spray-on dye-free root cover product, according to the company. Her “passion project,” Root Concealer is an aerosol spray that, with just one quick application, temporarily masks gray hair at its source.
Ever the perfectionist, Hazan took over four years to “painstakingly refine” the Root Concealer formula—testing, re-testing and then testing again under countless conditions and variations. After listening to a slew of clients and stylists’ pleas for a better way to make their color-treated hair last longer, Hazan felt there was definite room for improvement in the market of temporary color touch ups, she explained.
Rita Hazan Root Concealer Revealed.
“Creating Root Concealer was never about putting out a product line,” said Hazan. “There was a purpose. It was about listening to my clients and understanding their needs as their colorist and as a consumer. I’m so proud of my new Root Concealer—I think it’s going to help so many people feel more confident on those days between salon visits.”

Distinguishing the Rita Hazan Root Concealer from similar products on the market is the aerosol spray fitted with a pinpoint nozzle that is designed to apply the Root Concealer along the main part and at the hairline. A temporary solution to covering gray or any root growth, Root Concealer is fast drying and stays in place until you shampoo it out, said Hazan. The formula was tested to withstand rain, perspiration and swimming, and does not come off on clothing, bedding or other fabrics.

So, what’s the product’s secret? “The key ingredients are natural pigments like titanium oxide, iron oxide and mica,” Hazan tells Happi. “These are all natural colors. I’ve created my shades with them and a silicone to ensure it dries shiny and not dull.”

Root Concealer is currently available exclusively online at Sephora.com in four shades: Dark Brown/Black, Light Brown, Blonde and Red for $24 each. It will be available in Sephora stores nationwide beginning May 24. Other products for color-treated hair are “in the works,” according to Hazan.


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