All Over Face Highlighter 201-9C

May 6, 2013

Phase A
Talc M/DS 4R (Sandream) (Talc, dimethicone, magnesium myristate)
Mica LL3 (Sandream) (Mica lauroyl/lysine)
Bi-glo 0120 (Sandream) (Bismuth oxychloride)
Micropoly 250S (Micropowders) (Polyethylene)
Zinc stearate
Octyldodecyl Oleate (Sandream)
Jeecide Phenoxy (Jeen) (Phenoxyethanol)
Propylparaben (Sandream)
Methylparaben (Sandream)
Ecoperse Black IO (65%) (Sandream) (Black iron oxide, octyldodecyl oleate)
Ecoperse Yellow IO (45%) (Sandream) (Yellow iron oxide, toctydodecyl oleate)
Ecoperse Red IO (45%) (Sandream) (Red iron oxide, toctyldodecyl oleate)

Phase B
DP Opal (Sandream)

Phase C
Dow Corning 556 fluid (Dow Corning) (Phenyltrimethicone)

Phase A (powder phase)u2014When weighing each material in phase A, use spoon to manually mix in between. Using a blender, blend for 3-4 minutes on high setting to ensure uniform mixing. Use spoon in between each minute to manually mix to ensure top and bottom uniform phase. Shake jar/container (u201cmasonu201d jars recommended) to ensure powder is uniform. Phase B (pearl phase)u2014Using spoon, blend and mix manually to incorporate pearl. Shake jar/container to ensure uniformity. Phase C (oil phase): Premix phase C in a separate beaker. First, mix Dow Corning 556 fluid, Jeecide Phenoxy, propylparaben and methylparaben over low heat until all particles have dissolved. Then, add all other ingredients of Phase C into the beaker and mix well (overhead stirrer recommended). Slowly add phase C with pipet to phase A & B. Blend on high for 1 min. Stop, shake jar, manually mix with spoon, and scrape walls. Continue blending for 30sec. intervals until powder is uniform. Weigh each face piece approximately 8.5g and press.

More Information
Sandream Enterprises, LLCn973-822-3077nFax:
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