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Big Lips in the Small Wonder

Delaware and New Jersey are the most lip-centric states for beauty enthusiasts, per analysts at Capacity.

Capacity – a third-party logistics provider offering enhanced product fulfillment – has shipped more than 1.3 million lip products over the year to every state in the Union.

Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, and Oregon are the most lip-focused states, with beauty enthusiasts purchasing the most lip care products over the past year.

Following are the District of Columbia, California, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

Thom Campbell, chief strategy officer and Capacity cofounder said while he wasn’t exactly pursing his lips at the findings, he was scratching his head.

“Honestly, we were surprised by the data,” said Campbell. “We hadn’t figured Delaware and New Jersey to be the hotbeds for lipstick sales.”

Capacity’s data is generated from a range of independent direct-to-consumer celebrity and high-end beauty brands. It works with more than 50 brands within the general retail, beauty, and wellness space, promoting growth.

“While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, our clients help their customers express their style,” added Campbell. “We work with our brands to ensure that the unboxing experience for each lip care product creates delight for the recipient.”

The Capacity team partners with its brands to create custom packaging and decorative touches from scented tissue paper to handwritten notes, reinforcing the customer experience, and building working relationships, much like lip color that lasts.

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