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Bona’s New Lavender Thyme Hardwood Floor Cleaner Has 95% Biobased Content

Company also rolls out new disposable cleaning and sweeping pads.

Bona’s New Lavender Thyme Hardwood Floor Cleaner Has 95% Biobased Content

Bona, the Englewood, CO-based floor care company, has released a new scented version of its flagship hardwood floor cleaner. The company has also added new heavy-duty disposable cleaning and sweeping pads made with microfiber and 90% post-consumer recycled content.

New Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner in Lavender Thyme contains essential oils of lavender, thyme and lemon. The residue-free, fast-drying solution is crafted with plant-derived ingredients and contains 95% USDA bio-based content for a more sustainable cleaning experience, according to the company.

The new scent can be found in Target stores and online at and

Cleaning & Sweeping Pads

According to Bona research, 90% of consumers report using a disposable pad to sweep or mop their floors, allotting for the “ick” factor where a reusable pad may not be ideal. In fact, in a recent Bona/Harris Poll, nearly two thirds of Americans said they wouldn’t want to clean up messes such as human bodily fluids (69%), toilet overflow (65%) or pet messes (62%) using a reusable or washable pad because of how dirty or gross it may get.

Bona’s new cleaning and sweeping pads are disposable.

Bona’s new cleaning and sweeping pads are from real microfiber and 90% post-consumer recycled content, these new pads provide superior performance over alternatives, making cleaning quick and convenient, and can be tossed at the end of use.

“According to our research, there is still a strong consumer demand for disposable cleaning options to address those ‘ick’ situations around the home,” said Andy Telatnik, director of retail marketing, Bona. “Knowing this, we created an option made from post-consumer recycled content that is disposable, highly effective and convenient.”

The new Heavy-duty Disposable Cleaning Pads have a unique 3D quilted texture that absorbs five times quicker than leading competitive disposable cleaning pads for a more thorough clean, according to Bona.

The Heavy-duty Disposable Sweeping Pads clean faster with up to two times more pickup than leading competitive disposable sweeping cloths, said Bona. They are made with microfiber.

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