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Codex Earns “Microbiome Friendly” Seal

Bia line meets new standard developed by MyMicrobiome AG.

Codex Beauty says its skin care line Bia has achieved “microbiome-friendly certification” according to MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10. 
The certification provides the world's first seal of quality that awards microbiome-friendly cosmetics and personal care products. MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10 is one of six standards, each standard testing for application on different body areas. The standards were developed in 2018 by MyMicrobiome AG under the scientific guidance of microbiologist Kristin Neumann, PhD. The tests according to MyMicrobiome Standards are conducted in ISO certified laboratories in Germany.  
In 2019 the first microbiome-friendly certified products hit the German market.

Bia's certification covers all six if the brand’s face products (Day Cream, Skin Superfood, Eye Gel Cream, Facial Oil, Exfoliating Wash, and Wash Off Cleansing Oil).
MyMicrobiome Standards reportedly use methodology that examines how products directly influence organisms of the skin microbiome. The testing criteria evaluates the the microbial quality of the product; the influence of the product on natural, healthy skin balance; the influence of the product on the bacterial diversity of the specific body region; and the influence of the product on the growth behavior of the microbes of the specific body region
“As we use more and more products every day, and become more aware of their impact on the skin microbiome, the beauty industry needs a meaningful standard by which to assure customers that the products they use will not significantly alter or impact their microbiome, thereby leading to longer term skin problems.  Codex Beauty is excited to partner with MyMicrobiome to demonstrate that our products are designed to be microbiome friendly,” said Barb Paldus, CEO of Codex Beauty. 

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