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Cosmetify Names Nikkie de Jager the World’s Most Powerful Beauty Influencer

The makeup artist has a combined following of 42.7 million across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and the highest estimated combined earnings per post at $61,450

Nikkie de Jager has been named the world’s most powerful beauty influencer in a new study by Cosmetify.

The team released its new index, highlighting the most popular beauty brands, the biggest beauty influencers and retailers, each country’s favorite beauty brand, and which brands have been on the rise in the last year.

De Jager has a combined following of 42.7 million across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube – the highest estimated combined earnings per post is $61,450. The Dutch makeup artist and beauty vlogger popularly known for her YouTube channel, NikkieTutorials, through which she gained international fame.

Coming in at No. 2 is Bretman Rock. He has a slightly higher combined following of 43.93 million, but a lower estimated earnings per post of $53,650. The Filipino-American social media personality, beauty influencer, and content creator is known for his vibrant personality, humorous videos and makeup tutorials.

Hot Commodities 

The 2024 Cosmetify Index also revealed that Rare Beauty, the makeup and cosmetics brand owned by Selena Gomez, is the hottest beauty brand with a score of 7.81 out of 10. 

Sol de Janeiro has the best engagement rate on Instagram, which shows the percentage of likes and comments per post. 

Bubble Skincare is on the rise for 2024 with a 2,872% increase in searches, rising from 131,700 to 3.9 million.

Sephora boasted the highest organic search traffic at 16,100,000 and a massive Instagram following of 22.1 million.

The most-searched brand in the last year was Oh K!, with 73.4 million searches worldwide.

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