Happi Magazine

November 2020

  • This Stinks!

    This Stinks!

    The pandemic has been a plague on the fine fragrance industry; but the beauty industry is resilient and there are signs of a rebound.

  • Me Time: The Market for Women

    Me Time: The Market for Women's Wellness

    While there is probably some slacking off due to social distancing, personal hygiene never goes out of style.

  • Lather Up for Long-Term Hand Hygiene for All

    Lather Up for Long-Term Hand Hygiene for All

    For Global Handwashing Day, October 15, several Henkel campaigns were aimed at improving compliance for everyone, but especially students.

  • Cleaning Up in Home Care

    Cleaning Up in Home Care

    The market for disinfectants, kitchen sprays, scrubs and other household cleansers is booming in 2020. Need a new ingredient for your formula?

  • Rice-Derived Lactic Acid Bacteria Improves Skin Flora and Barrier

    Ichimaru Pharcos researchers detail the benefits of Fairy Flora K-1, which boosts the beneficial skin bacteria Coagulase-negative staphylococci.

  • Surface Level

    Surface Level

    Chemists and dermatologists continue to explore the microbiome and the formulations that help in the pursuit of healthy skin.

  • A Family Affair

    Indie Inc
    A Family Affair

    Elizabeth Grant traces its start to 1940s England, when a bomb blast severely injured the founder’s face.