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January 5, 2010

Hairstylist Lights A Fire with New Soy Candles

Chaz Dean, one of Hollywood’s premier hairstylists, has created Wen Soy Candles in the popular signature scents of his hair care line—Sweet Almond Mint, Fig, Tea Tree, Cucumber Aloe and Lavender. The collection includes a candle in a 11oz. clear glass tumbler ($32) with 60 hours of burn time and a Pocket Candle ($10) that lasts 20 hours.More info:

Skin DeTox in Tea Form

The Yogi Skin DeTox is an organic green tea that’s loaded with antioxidants said to promotehealthy skin. It is infused with soothing rose petals and hibiscus flowers for a deliciously sweet, yet slightly tart, floral flavor and delicate fragrance, according to the Eugene, OR-based tea company. It features a blend of pomegranate, stevia leaf, honeybush, burdock root, yellow dock root and red clover. A box of 16 tea bags is approximately $5. More info:

Antiseptic Handwash Makes Consumer Debut

A new antiseptic hand wash, based on a formula previously used only by surgeons and other clinicians, is now being sold to consumers. Made by Fort Worth, TX-based Healthpoint, Ltd., Ultracept Antiseptic Handwash provides up to six hours of prolonged germ kill with repeated use.
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Design-Savvy Home Fragrance Line

Palettes by Tod Young is a new line of high-end, multi-note fragrances for home interiors based on the six basic color palettes people use to decorate their homes (think neutrals, earth tones and pastels). The patent pending collection offers candles with 80 hours of burn time as well as sprays.
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(Sorority) Sister Act for Not Soap, Radio

Not Soap, Radio, Los Angeles, has launched Greek, a beauty and spa collection designed specifically for sorority sisters and alumni. All of the products—lip balms, lipgloss, face palettes and fragrances—are unique to each sorority and feature Greek lettering, their colors or mascots. The roll-on perfumes are made with custom-blended scents using base notes from each sorority’s flower. A portion of every net sale goes to each specific chapter’s national headquarters.
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New Anti-Aging Skin Care Supplement

Gelacom Health Corp. has entered the “beauty from within” market with a new, anti-aging skin supplement called NutriBeauté, The Mega Beauty Protein. Its makers contend the supplement is clinically proven to minimize deep wrinkles while improving skin hydration as it replenishes and promotes collagen production. The primary active ingredient is Collactive, a marine-based, all-natural ingredient composed of marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio as found naturally in human skin. More info:

Triclosan-Free, Multi-Hour Hand Sanitizer

Biodefense Solutions, West Nyack, NY has rolled out Zytrel XP, billed as the first triclosan-free, premium multi-hour antimicrobial hand sanitizer. Used in hospitals and by health care providers, it offers extended protection by killing germs for up to four hours, according to Biodefense. The line includes a hand sanitizer and moisturizer combination and a foaming hand cleanser.
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G2 Organics Debuts Nail Polish Remover

G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover ($9.95-$15.95) is a natural, gentle and effective nail polish remover with a bonus—it is Reiki-charged. A genuine quartz crystal helps to amplify the Reiki energy and represents overall wellbeing, according to the company.The formulation features aloe vera extract and vitamin E, butyl diglycol (derived from corn), an embittering agent, and ethyl alcohol (derived from grain). More info:

Victoria’s Secret Debuts Klum’s Exotic Jewels Line

Heidi Klum’s latest release at Victoria’s Secret is The Heidi Collection, Exotic Jewels. According to the company, the range was inspired by the model’s trip to the spiritual city of Varanasi, India and the Indian-themed vow renewal ceremony she shared with husband Seal in Mexico last year. The collection features a rich palette of hues, ranging from a lipgloss ($14) to luminous face powder gems ($22). More info:

Too Faced Rolls Out Lashlight Mascara

Too Faced recently introduced Lashlight ($25)—a mascara infused with millions of“microscopic mirrors” (liquid crystalline particles) that bounce light off and around lashes for brighter eyes and the richest, glossiest ebony black lashes possible, according to the company. The formulation features helicone, a liquid crystalline polymer, as well as panthenol, which thickens and conditions lashes.
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Shaver’s Choice Works To Fight Razor Bumps

Slick! Lubricating Shave Gel ($4.99) from Shaver’s Choice straightens and lifts the hair for a closer shave, according to the company. It works to prevent and treat pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), otherwise known as "razor bumps." Denzel Washington, Michael Strahan and Jerry Rice are said to be fans of the product. More info:

New for Men: Kristiansand NewYork

Kristiansand New York, a new men’s fragrance, features musks, amber and powdery notes that collide with masculine woods, raw pepper, crisp green notes and clary sage. The juice was created by Drom Fragrances. More info:

Blinc’s Shadow Primer Boasts Anti-Aging Benefits

Blinc has rolled out Eye Shadow Phase One ($25), an eye lid primer with anti-aging benefits. Clinical test results showed that after six weeks, Eye Shadow Phase One users had a 67% reduction in fine lines and a 53% increase in skin’s moisture after one week, according to the company. It fills and conceals existing lines and doesn’t allow shadow to fade, smudge or run. More info: