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Ampacet Adds Seven Metal Colors for PET Packaging

Ampacet Adds Seven Metal Colors for PET Packaging

Published December 28, 2007
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Ampacet Adds Seven Metal Colors for PET Packaging

Ampacet has added seven shades to its LiquidMetal Colors line, which gives polyethylene
terephthalate (PET) bottles the look of highly reflective metal.  The new shades include: bronze, glitzy gold, ruby slipper, silver sparkle, midnight blue, brown sugar and bright chrome. LiquidMetal Colors meet the demand for plastic packaging that replicates polished metal for use with cosmetics, health and beauty aids.  The new hues bring the number of LiquidMetal shades available to 13 colors.
    More info: www.ampacet.com

Kaufman’s New Cone Top Round

Kaufman Container’s latest addition to its library of Kaufman-owned molds is its 500ml Cone Top Round. This OPET bottle has a 28-410 neck finish suitable for a variety of closure options, including pumps, sprayers and more. The unique round shape is complemented with a tapered cone-top neck and is suitable for a variety of applications.
    More info: www.kaufmancontainer.com

Continental Rolls Out Shrink Labels

Far too often, a product’s label is overlooked in the packaging process. Continental Packaging Solutions’ new shrink labeling offers decoration capability with convenience. Shrink sleeve labels allow the maximum space on a container for graphics. The billboard display effect and dazzling graphics reign supreme when compared to traditional labeling. Shrink Sleeves protect the surface of the container as well, and additional tamper-evident sealing is available. The sleeves
 The Cone Top Round from Kaufman
work with nearly every packaging style, whether straight edge, elaborate or curved.
    More info: www.continentalpackagingsolutions.com

 Shrink labels from Continental.
New Bi-Colored Bottles from Silgan

Silgan Plastics has introduced a line of co-extruded bi-colored high-density
 Silgan's Bi-colored bottles.
polyethylene (HDPE) bottles. Formed on Silgan’s proprietary wheel equipment, these bottles can be produced in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and shapes, including rounds, ovals and flat-sided shapes. Silgan offers a full range of color choices, and the two colors can be introduced as stripes of equal or varying width. In an oval bottle, for example, the stripes can be limited only to the broader sides, while in a round bottle two stripes can create a half-and-half configuration. These eye-catching bottles are said to be ideal for cosmetic and personal care products.
    More info: www.silganplastics.com

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