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By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | August 18, 2014

Nice-Pak taps home renovation expert to pitch Grime Boss cleaning line.

Renovation is dirty work. Home rehab and TV personality Nicole Curtis knows that, and so does wipes provider Nice-Pak. The Orangeburg, NY-based company recently tapped Curtis to promote its Grime Boss home cleaning brand.

Curtis is a popular home and design expert who has been rescuing old houses—buying, rehabbing and selling them—for almost two decades. Growing up near Detroit, she acquired DIY skills at a very young age when her parents would drive through the neighborhood picking up things people didn't want, and repurposing them.

Those skills and principles remain with her today as she saves historic homes flagged for demolition. Through her work, she’s breathing new life into struggling neighborhoods in Minneapolis and Detroit, and communities come out in droves to support her efforts.

She’s one of the hottest new personalities in TV home improvement—and according to Nice Pak, she’s just right for their line.

“Nicole is a natural fit for Grime Boss. She launched her career in the cleaning industry, and she has found Grime Boss, both our original Hands formula, and our new Household line, to be perfect complements to her work restoring and improving homes,” said Robert Julius, chairman and CEO of Nice-Pak Products, referring to the hand cleaning Grime Boss formulation that was the jumping off point for this new full line of cleaning products.

Nice-Pak has taken its leadership position in pre-moistened wipes to create the heavy-duty Grime Boss products for the home, which have been specifically developed for the consumer who needs fast, convenient, deep cleaning.

“Cleaning habits have changed, consumers don’t have the time to do major cleaning events at a time. They want to quickly clean and know that they’ve done a thorough job. Grime Boss has its origins in hand cleaning, but Nice Pak Products, the parent company of Grime Boss, is the No. 1 provider of disinfecting solutions to the healthcare and food service industries. Grime Boss brings that expertise and technology to consumers so quick cleaning can be serious cleaning throughout the home,” said Julius.
"I never claim to be an expert; I have my own method to doing what I do. My mission is for you to get the concept of saving and reusing. For this reason, I am thrilled to add Grime Boss products to my mix of tools," said Curtis. "I am a germaphobe and firmly believe that cleaning is half the battle.  Making the effort to do a serious cleaning in every room of a house is critical to making a house, a home. Grime Boss makes it easy and quick."

The Grime Boss range includes Touch Screen wipes, Stove Cleaning wipes, Scrubbing Household Disinfecting wipes, Multi-Purpose Disinfecting wipes, Kitchen Surface Sanitizing wipes, Heavy Duty Cleaning wipes, Furniture wipes, Glass & Multi-Surface wipes, Wet Floor Mopping cloths, Microfiber Dry Sweeping cloths, as well as a heavy duty stainless steel floor Sweeper with a height adjustable, comfort grip handle. 
The Grime Boss Sweeper can work with Swiffer Sweeper cloths too.
The Grime Boss Kitchen Surface Sanitizing Wipes as specially formulated to sanitize surfaces. They kill common household bacteria, but without leaving harsh chemicals on the surface, according to Nice Pak. Designed originally for the foodservice industry for food prep areas, they don’t require surfaces to be rinsed after wiping.
One other unique aspect of the Grime Boss Household Range is the packaging for the disinfecting and sanitizing wipes.
“You’ll notice that we don’t pack them into plastic canisters,” noted Julius. “They are specially designed using flexible packaging – called Eco-Pak – that preserves the moisture in the wipes so they don’t dry out. Testing has shown consumers prefer the Eco-Pak over canisters. And, they use 83% less plastic than canisters so they are more environmentally friendly.”
Currently, the Grime Boss line can be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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