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On the Cutler Edge

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | March 13, 2017

Top brand source at Redken forecasts up-to-the-minute hair trends.

Redken’s brand ambassador Rodney Cutler is no stranger to style. The Melbourne, Australia native has been featured in top national and regional consumer publications and television programs and travels the US giving lectures on the fusion of fashion and beauty through hair and styling for runway shows. He also owns three salons in New York City and appears frequently as a guest on the Rachael Ray Show. Working with Redken for many years now, Cutler’s client list boasts celebrities such as Emma Watson and Toni Collette.
Cutler took time from his busy schedule to chat with about the latest hair trends. And, FYI, he also recently launched an eponymous line of cult favorite stylers on - new Cutler Volumizing Spray and Protectant Treatment Spray! Cutler Volumizing Spray provides lightweight hold and major volume, while the Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray multitasks to provide hydration and protection from hot tools.
Happi: What qualities are shoppers looking for in their hair care and where do they go to find the latest concepts?
RC: Clients are more problem/solution driven now as opposed to previously being focused only on hair type (i.e. fine hair, oily hair, curly hair). Because no one head of hair falls into one category, clients seek products to address specific needs. For example Redken's All Soft is a great hydration solution for someone who has dry hair. They may also want added volume, so then you add in a volumizing product such as Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam to address that need. 
Happi: Where can they go to learn about such products?
RC: There's no better advise than going to your stylist for their "expert" opinion. They have the opportunity and knowledge to best understand your hair type and aesthetic desires to give you a styling regiment to make sure your hair looks great in between salon visits.
Happi: What are the hottest trends right now in hairstyling and why?
RC: More than ever clients are looking for styles that are going to set them apart and embrace their individuality. Working with your natural texture as opposed to fighting it is a great way to do this.
Clients are looking for expensive, vibrant, healthy looking hair. Whether it's curly or straight, everyone wants certain polish to the hair. 
Happi: Are there any ingredients that are big right now in hair care that you love?
RC: Moringa oil for curly hair—a key ingredient in Redken Curvaceous line—along with hair care products that incorporate styling goals, such as the Redken Haircare Renovation for 2017, which features our new RCT (Root, Core, Tip) technology!
Happi:  What are the future trends in hairstyles we need to know about?
RC: Bangs are making a comeback. The modern shag will continue on from 2016 into 2017.