Wish List

December 21, 2015

From new product launches to business expansion, executives tell Happi what they are looking forward to in 2016.

Basim Shami, president and CEO, Farouk Systems USA

"I am looking forward to breaking ground for our new 100,000 sq ft warehouse which will help us to increase production and shipping to our distributors and customers world-wide. Plus, our efforts to bring Hollywood to Farouk Systems and our brands with additional celebrity spokespersons and partnerships. Then, finally, the launch of our new line with Esquire Magazine toward the end of 2016."

Dara Levy, CEO and founder, DermaFlash

"With DermaFlash, we wanted to create something truly unique that would address an unmet need for women. I am most excited about bringing this cutting edge technology to the market and giving woman an option that they have not had before. Allowing them access to a glowing radiant flawless complexion while creating a perfect canvas for make up and skin care all in the privacy of their own home. Healthy, glowing skin makes every woman feel beautiful.”

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, founder, Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

“I am hoping that the world finally realizes the unique difference Osmosis Skincare has over its competition; we permanently reverse aging and damaged skin. We hope our latest clinical trial of Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair Serum, which showed an increase of 110% in elasticity and improved Actinic Keratosis amongst many other benefits, gets more recognition as the single most remarkable result by a topical product!”

Marina Dimentman, founder of Londontown

"Here at Londontown we are extremely excited about our newest launch Kur Gel Genius, a vitamin enriched, non-UV gel top coat. Our groundbreaking botanically infused formula extends polish wear to the limit, transforming any color into an indestructible, high-shine gel-like polish, all while conditioning and strengthening. No more gel damage, only gel performance. As always, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-free.”

Georges Benarroch, CEO of SimySkin

“SimySkin Inc. is really looking forward to 2016 (and beyond!). First of all, 2015 was great: we finalized our 15 SKU line of anti-aging products and we came up with 2 new great (neck + face) multi phase serums. In 2016, we certainly will continue to put our efforts into new high quality products: a new French serum, still with our signature B12, and a couple of exciting other anti aging products that will increase our line which we still wish to remain compact. Although are our focus is e-commerce, we would like our customers to be able to find us at their favorite store. Beefing up operations will be on our mind in 2016 and we hope to add a couple of full time executive positions as the long term plan remains working on ‘wrinkle boosters.’ Our focus remains: ‘targeted skin care solutions for every phase of your life’ as we are here to help you look younger than you are.”

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