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Noveon Consumer Specialties Rolls Out

June 9, 2009

Formulating products to meet specific consumer preferences is more important than ever. Now, with the SensiMap Formulating Concept by Noveon Consumer Specialties, customizing the sensory profile of products is less complicated.

Formulators everywhere may register at to interact with the SensiMap formulating concept to learn more about how Carbopol Ultrez polymers and Schercemol esters contribute to the scent, look and feel of skin care emulsion formulations.

At the interactive site, formulators can download samples of innovative formulations that demonstrate the concept and review the properties of Carbopol polymers and Schercemol esters.

For the SensiMap formulating concept, Noveon Consumer Specialties offers a range of Carbopol Ultrez polymers and Schercemol esters from which formulators may select options that impact texture and sensory properties in synergy with other ingredients in their formulation.

Kits are available of innovative skin care product prototypes exhibiting the SensiMap Formulating Concept. The sets are also tailored to the sensory preferences of different global markets such as North America, South Latin America, North Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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P&G Named to Green 15 for Online Technology Program

The future is now at Procter & Gamble. The company was just named one of International Data Group’s InfoWorld’s Green 15 award winners for 2009 for successfully reducing travel through the adoption and implementation of its Video Collaboration Studios (VCS) using Cisco’s Telepresence technology, according to the company.

To better enable employee connection and communication and to deliver on its renewed commitment to sustainability, P&G identified, and ultimately implemented, a green strategy supported by a high-end communications system. It began deploying Video Collaboration Studios across its global network in October 2007 with the goal of implementing 43 studios in just nine months.

Today, there are more than 50 studios up and running, saving the company millions in travel costs. P&G expects these saving will continue to grow as more studios are added and video enabled collaboration tools become embedded in business practices.

A significant benefit of the technology is the ability to reduce the environmental impact of traveling.

Axe Launches New Website

To accompany its recently launched line of body washes and body sprays, Axe has launched, a website that features an instructional talk show and “digital pranking” system to help concerned friends rehabilitate buddies in need of a makeover.

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Online Survey Reveals Women Spending Less on Beauty

Nearly two-thirds of women say the economy is affecting how much they spend on beauty products and services, according to a recent survey by, with more than half reporting they are spending less on makeup, hair products and salon treatments.

As a way to save, nearly half of the women who responded to the recent online survey said they have changed the brands of beauty products they purchase in order to save money. Even more (55%) said they are spending less on professional salon services and opting to do things themselves such as coloring their hair and doing their own nails.

“At, more than four million women come to our website each month to find the latest information on beauty trends, looks and to share their insights with our community, so we pride ourselves on understanding women’s attitudes on beauty trends and issues,” said Jeannette McClennan, chief executive officer,

“While women may be spending less on their products and services, they aren’t eliminating them. We have seen that they want to find alternatives and more than ever are using our virtual makeover tool to try new hairstyles and makeup before making a purchase or spending money at the salon to change their look.”

Nearly half (47%) of all the women surveyed said they had already changed brands of particular beauty products to save money; 61% of women aged 45-54 said they had already changed brands.
Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) said they would change lipstick and two-thirds said they would change shampoo and/or conditioner. Other items included: blush/bronzer (67%) lotions/cleansers (64%) and foundation (57%).

In conjunction with survey findings, has introduced a new blog within its online beauty community, Beauty on a Dime. Megan McIntyre, associate editor for, will provide tips and relevant information for women on how they can manage their regime on a budget.

EES Cosmetic Solutions Relaunches Website

EES Cosmetic Solutions, a distributor and manufacturer’s representative to the cosmetic, household and personal care industries, has recently relaunched its website.

According to the company, visitors to the updated site will find it easy to explore and navigate. The new site includes a list of the principals that are represented by EES as well as an overview of the materials in the EES product line. As EES continues to serve these segments of the industry, its website will continue to expand to include future developments.

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