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Dove Launches Whole Body Deodorants for 72-Hour Odor Protection

The new collection is designed for all-over use to target unwanted odor and moisture.

Dove is expanding its offerings in the deodorant category to deliver odor protection beyond underarms. 
Introducing Dove Whole Body Deodorants. Designed for all-over external use, these dermatologist-approved deodorants help absorb unwanted excess moisture and target odor at the source.
“Less than 1% of the sweat that our bodies produce comes from the underarm. Sweat leads to odor – and often self-consciousness that may hold women back from everyday activities,” said Pranav Chandan, US head of deodorants at Happi International Top 30 Company Unilever. “Dove Whole Body deodorants are designed to help women go about their days in confidence and comfort.”

The New Deodorant Range 

The new Dove Whole Body Deodorant Range includes a Whole Body Deo Anti-Friction Stick in coconut and vanilla fragrance and a Whole Body Deo Invisible Cream, available in unscented and coconut and vanilla fragrance.
Dove Whole Body Deodorants feature aluminum-free formulas infused with vitamins B3 and E, offering full-body care along with 72-hour odor protection. 



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