Leap into Action

Seasonal skin care focuses on pampering treatments and moisturizing elements.

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 07.29.19
As wellness continues to drive attention to self-care, beauty shoppers are making special treatments and luxe ingredients commonplace in their routines. According to Alyssa Behrendt, research analyst, Kline, masking continues to remain a popular trend in skin care as brands continue to launch products in the category.

“Masks that are ‘Instagram-friendly,’ such as sheet masks or colorful peel- or wash-off masks. are especially dominant in the marketplace as social media remains prevalent in the lives of consumers,” she told Happi. “Other trends include oils and biodegradable packaging. As consumers begin to understand the benefits of oil in their skin care routines, products such as oil-based cleansers as well as facial oils are rising in popularity to meet the growing interest in the marketplace.”

Here’s a look at some leading launches demonstrating the trends.
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