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  • Messaging Tips That Reassure Potential Customers

    Messaging Tips That Reassure Potential Customers

    Scott Garrison, manager, SKIM || June 20, 2016
    Marketing tips from shelf to shopping cart.

  • Mark Your Customers

    Mark Your Customers

    February 10, 2016
    Four in ten Americans have tattoos.

  • Davids and Goliaths

    Davids and Goliaths

    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor || November 2, 2015
    Big brands dominate the oral care category, but a cadre of smaller players vie for customers looking for alternatives.

  • Supplier-Speak


    Tom Branna, Editorial Director || March 4, 2015
    There are plenty of pitfalls to be avoided in the global economy, but suppliers insist that they have systems in place to handle whatever issues crop up in regions and markets around the world.

  • P&G Professional Takes Customers to School

    P&G Professional Takes Customers to School

    April 16, 2014
    New site provides educational content for I&I professionals.

  • Communication Earns Repeat Customers

    Communication Earns Repeat Customers

    April 4, 2014
    New study finds personalization after purchase a winning move.

  • Great Communicators

    Great Communicators

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director || February 12, 2013
    From its new headquarters in Philadelphia, EMD Chemicals works closely with its customers to create unique personal care products.

  • Retaining Customers

    Retaining Customers

    Brandon Balsley, Sage North America || November 7, 2012
    Brandon Baisley dispenses advice on a key topic

  • Are We There Yet?

    July 2, 2008
    This isn’t some diatribe about summer family vacations. Nope, now that we’re past the halfway point for 2008, I’m just wondering if your company has experienced a slowdown during the first six months of the year. After all, consum…

  • GE Gives Customers a Sensory Experience

    February 14, 2006
    GE Gives Customers a Sensory Experience l The latest edition to GE’s Sensory Enhancement product platform, Velvesil DM silicone, is based on a new and patented chemistry. The product glides on and spreads easily as a light, long lasting silky,…

  • BASF's WorldAccount Is a Hit with Customers

    November 22, 2005
    BASF’s North American consumers are reaping the benefits of WorldAccount, the company’s self-service internet portal. According to BASF executives, transaction and volume usage of WorldAccount has increased. The global on-line, e-commerce…