Top Companies Report

24. The Bolton Group

August 4, 2008

The Netherlands
Sales: $739 million


$739 million (estimated) for household, personal care and cosmetic products.

Major Products:

Laundry care products—Omino Bianco, Merito, Nibro; Bathroom/kitchen care and cleaners—WC Net,  Fornet, Last,  Dubro, Solivaisselle; Surface & Floor Care—Carolin, SMAC, Overlay,  Vetril, WC Eend; Household soap products—Cyclon, D’orn. Personal Care—Neutro Roberts, Borotalco, Rogé Cavaillès, Sanogyl, Somatoline,  Roberts Fragrance, Acque Alle Rose Robert, Citrosil, Botot, Wetties, Soapy, Silx; Beauty—Collistar skin care, makeup, hair care.

New Products:

Collistar—Long Lasting Color Line and Nourishment and Lustre Lines for hair care, Body Energizing Treatment for men, Global Anti-Age Protection Tanning Face Cream SPF 30-50+, Supertanning Moisturizing Dry Oil SPF 15, Sun Effect Make-Up line, Topgloss Stick Reflex, Magnifica Patch-Lifting-Dermal Filling Repairing Face and Neck Mask, Perfecta Active Neck and Décolleté Cream, Magic Drops self-tanning concentrate, Brightening Touch highlighting concealer, Eye Contour Lifting Treatment for men, Perfect Adherence Shaving Foam, Moisturizing Soothing Sensitive Skins, Perfect Adherence Shaving Foam, Moisturizing Softening Tough Beards, Extreme Supermascara, Anti-Time 360° for Men. Rogé Cavaillès—Dermatological Deo-Care deodorant.


By its own admission, Bolton Group has been quite busy in past decade, acquiring 11 major companies and brands and tripling its sales. In addition, it has established new subsidiaries in five countries in the last seven  years, and doubled its advertising efforts in the last five years. All of that hard work has paid off. Sales of household, cosmetic and toiletry products were estimated to be approximately $739 million in 2007.