Top Companies Report

27. Bolton

August 3, 2015

The Netherlands
Sales: $1.0 billion

Key Personnel: Joseph Nissim, founder; Soly Benveniste, chief executive officer.

Major Products: Beauty—Collistar makeup and skin treatments, tanning products, hair care and men’s grooming. Personal care—Chilly and Intima Roberts feminine hygiene, Neutro Roberts body care, Brioschi digestive aids, Bilboa sun care, Soapy hand soap, Acqua Alle Rose facial cleanser. Health care—Somatoline cosmetic and slimming products; Roge Cavailles body care; Sanogyl dental care; Somatoline cosmetics; Citrosil disinfectants; Botot mouthwash. Household care—Omino Bianco laundry care, WC Net bathroom cleaners, Carolin floor cleaners, SMAC metal and all-purpose cleaners, Overlay floor and surface cleaners, Merito ironing aids, Fornet oven cleaners, Last dishwashing liquid, Vetril glass cleaners, Argentil silver cleanerWC Eend toilet cleaners (licensed brand), Cyclon heavy duty hand soap, Dubro kitchen care products, Nibro ironing aids and starch, Dor natural soaps for surfaces and textiles.

New Products: Génie (acquisition).

Comments: Privately-held Bolton is still run by its 90 year-old founder Joseph Nissim. Household and laundry care and personal care and well-being each account for 18% of sales; beauty care, just 6%. Food represents 45% of sales and adhesives, 6%.

By region, Italy accounts for 48% of corporate sales, followed by France (16%), Rest of Europe (8%), Benelux (6%), Rest of World (6%), and Germany, Greece and Spain (5% each).

Earlier this year, Bolton acquired Génie, the leading brand in France’s hand-washing laundry segment with a 71% share.