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Beauty, Brains and Bright Future
November 14, 2005
Today's teens want it all.  Read More »
Ethnic Skin Care: Facing the Future
November 14, 2005
African-American, Asian and Native American buying power is expected to total $1.5 trillion in 2008 in the U.S., a 231% jump from 1990.  Read More »
Fair-Weather Home Fragrances: A New Climate
November 14, 2005
Candle manufacturers are banking on seasonal growth, as fragrance sprays shoot up the charts.  Read More »
Surfactant Market Update
November 14, 2005
For a variety of reasons, it's been another difficult year for most producers.  Read More »
UV Protection in Skin Care Products
November 14, 2005
Formulations often contain organic or inorganic sunscreens or both. Now more products promise to improve UV-damaged skin with antioxidants and other ingredients.  Read More »
Fall Cosmetics: A Preview
November 14, 2005
Flat sales have propted marketers to innovate in the color cosmetics segment.  Read More »
Baby Baubles: A Baby Care Update
November 14, 2005
As awareness grows, the baby care market moves into a socially-conscious direction.  Read More »
Stuck in the Middle: Tweens search for Identity
November 14, 2005
Eight to 12-year-olds rely on personal products to help give them a sense of identity on the rocky road between childhood and the teen years.  Read More »
Fragrance Here, There and Everywhere
November 14, 2005
Demeter ignites memories and bring fragrance home with its new collection of room sprays, candles and soaps.  Read More »
The Power of Packaging
November 14, 2005
Powerful new packaging can boost sales even in an economic downturn.  Read More »
UV Protection
November 14, 2005
The benefits of UV absorbers and blocks are well-known to cosmetic chemists and consumers alike. Here's a comprehensive report on the topic of UV protection.  Read More »
The Natural Ingredients Market
November 14, 2005
While mainstream personal care sales lag, natural-based products continue to make leaps forward.  Read More »
A Preservative Market Update
November 14, 2005
Suppliers provide new solutions to age-old problems of product preservation with new blends and in some instances, new lines.  Read More »
Spring into New Hair Fashions
November 14, 2005
Some companies focus on men, others natural ingredients. Some break the mold entirely.  Read More »
Skin Care: A Step Ahead
November 14, 2005
The skin care category grew last year despite a dropping economy.  Read More »